PHOTOS: Why Older Men Are Best For Marriage

Here are the reasons i think older men are best for marriage;

– Communication: Communication comes easily with older men, you don’t have to do much to pass a message effectively, they understand you better and could easily read your body language without having to do the actual communication.

– Emotional Reliability; Relating with older men is easy. An older man is wiser and smarter, he will apply his wisdom in every aspect of his life(financial, emotional and mental).

– Little Games Played; Older Men are more trustworthy as a result of their life experiences. This means they are often less promiscuous, he doesn’t play games because he’s already played games in his younger days. A young man doesn’t know what he wants, so he’s prone to stray and bring problems home.

– Financial Security; Older men are making quite sure of their own financial future before committing to a legal relationship. Money shouldn’t be the most important thing in a relationship but it is very important, older men already conquered that aspect while it is advisable for the younger ones not to mix business with pleasure.

– Confidence; Older men have more confidence, he’s sure of himself and what he wants, he wouldn’t be needing any form of interference be it from family or friends for whatsoever reason. They know the importance of communication and are willing to talk things out.

– Life Experience; Older men have a certain confidence and internal stability, they tend to be more evolved in all areas which makes them more attractive.

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