Press Release: Clarification on Recent Assassination Attempt on Abdulrazak Jeje, Founder and President of ZETSI Africa

In a recent press release, ZETSI Africa’s Director of Publicity, Oluwayomi Owoseye, provided clarity on the assassination attempt targeting Abdulrazak Jeje, the organization’s Founder and President.

The incident occurred during the inauguration ceremony of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) 2024 Executive, sparking widespread concern and calls for accountability.

Expressing gratitude for Mr. Jeje’s survival, Owoseye attributed his safety to divine intervention amidst what she described as a horrifying attack. The assassination attempt, captured on video, has shed light on the troubling state of affairs within NANS, once revered for its advocacy but now facing allegations of internal decay and subversion.

Abdulrazak Jeje, a long-time figure in NANS, served in various leadership capacities, including as the PRO of NANS Kwara and Chairman of NANS JCC Kwara axis. His dedication to promoting unity and progress among Nigerian students has earned him respect and recognition within the student community.

Despite not being a contestant in the 2024 NANS event, Jeje’s presence was instrumental in ensuring a successful inauguration process. However, the attempt on his life, perpetrated by individuals with unknown motives, has prompted him to disengage from NANS activities and focus on national service, calling for a thorough investigation to apprehend the culprits.

The ZETSI Africa family expressed appreciation for the outpouring of support and solidarity during this challenging time. They urged continued prayers for Jeje’s recovery as he navigates the aftermath of this traumatic experience.

the statement reads in full: “4/17/2024

Press Release

Subject: Clarification on Recent Assassination Attempt on Abdulrazak Jeje, Founder and President of Zetsi Africa

Dear Esteemed Members of the Press,

I am writing to address the recent unfortunate incident involving Mr. Abdulrazak Jeje, Founder and President of ZETSI Africa. As the Director of Publicity for ZETSI Africa, I am issuing this statement on behalf of Mr. Jeje to provide clarity regarding the incident.

First and foremost, I would like to express our profound gratitude to the Almighty Allah for sparing Mr. Jeje’s life amidst the horrifying assassination attempt during the inauguration ceremony of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) 2024 Executive. We attribute his survival to divine intervention and are immensely grateful for his safety.

Mr Jeje, though still on the path to recovery, has instructed me to issue this press release to ensure that the truth is known, as he also believes it is imperative to provide an accurate account of the circumstances surrounding the attempt on his life.

The assassination attempt, captured in a widely circulated video, serves as a stark reminder of the alarming state of affairs within the NANS organization. Once a bastion of morality and a champion of student causes, has regrettably devolved into a sanctuary captured by actors of various clusters, whose sole objective is to undermine the noble objectives of the association.

Mr. Jeje has been actively involved in the National Association of Nigerian Students since 2009, serving as the PRO of NANS Kwara and later as Chairman of NANS JCC Kwara axis for two terms. Throughout his tenure, he dedicated himself to cultivating a conducive environment within the student association and championing initiatives aimed at fostering unity and progress among the Nigerian student community in Kwara State. His extensive experience and proven track record of leadership have made him a sought-after consultant for various youth and student associations, including NANS.

It is crucial to note that his participation in the 2024 NANS event was not as a contestant but as someone consulted to deploy his expertise and personal resources to ensure the success of the inauguration process.The assassination attempt occurred while the inauguration ceremony was underway, and it was perpetrated by individuals whose motives remain unknown thereby highlighting the dire need for urgent action to restore integrity and purpose to the NANS organization.

As a victim of such violence, Mr Jeje cannot help but reflect on the irony of the situation, considering his decade-long dedication to combating societal vices through ZETSI Africa. His unwavering commitment to tackling issues such as violence, corruption, terrorism, cybercrime, and other moral aberrations now stands juxtaposed with the brutal reality of being targeted by such reprehensible acts.

Given these circumstances, he has made the difficult decision to disengage from all NANS activities. Henceforth, he will redirect his patriotism and efforts towards serving our beloved country, while distancing himself from any involvement with NANS and also implore the security agencies to conduct a thorough investigation to apprehend the perpetrators of this heinous crime and ensure that they face the full weight of the law. Justice must prevail, and those responsible for this cowardly act must be held accountable for their actions.

The Zetsi Africa family wishes to extend our heartfelt appreciation to all who have shown concern, offered prayers, and extended support during this trying period. Your unwavering solidarity and encouragement serve as a beacon of hope as our President navigates the road to recovery.

We kindly request that you keep Mr Jeje in your thoughts and prayers as he tries to combat the physical and emotional challenges resulting from the traumatic experience.


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