Ogbomoso North Chairmanship Candidate, Ogunlade, extols Oyo Deputy Governor, Bayo Lawal on his birthday

George Ogunlade, a Chairmanship candidate from Ogbomoso North Local Government Area, took a moment to extend warm birthday wishes and praise to the Deputy Governor of Oyo State, Bayo Lawal, on his special day.

In a heartfelt message, George Ogunlade lauded Deputy Governor Bayo Lawal for his exemplary leadership, unwavering commitment to public service, and remarkable contributions to the development of Oyo State.

He highlighted the Deputy Governor’s dedication to fostering unity, progress, and prosperity across the state, noting his impactful initiatives and policies that have positively impacted the lives of residents.

“Deputy Governor Bayo Lawal embodies the qualities of a true leader, with his vision, integrity, and dedication to serving the people of Oyo State,” remarked George Ogunlade.

“On behalf of myself and the people of Ogbomoso North, I extend warm birthday wishes to him and express our gratitude for his tireless efforts in driving positive change and development.”- He added

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