NANS frowns at defamatory campaign targeting FCC Chairman, Dr. Muheebah Dankaka

The National Association of Nigeria Students (NANS) through her Assistant General Secretary, comr. Kolawole Mayowa and Zone C Director Of Special Duties, Comr. Abiola Azeez Babatunde vehemently condemns the orchestrated campaign of calumny and blackmail targeting Dr. (Mrs) Muheebah Dankaka, the Chairman of the Federal Character Commission (FCC).

According to a statement signed by NANS AGS and Dir. of Spec. Duties, and released to MOUTHPIECE NGR, it expressed deep concern over the relentless attacks on Dr. Dankaka’s reputation and integrity, particularly in light of recent attempts to tarnish her credentials.

It reads in part,: “It is noteworthy that the National Assembly, cognizant of its oversight responsibility, recently invited Dr. (Mrs) Muheebah Dankaka for interrogation regarding her stewardship at the Federal Character Commission, following a thorough examination, Dr. Dankaka was vindicated, with no substantiated evidence found to support the allegations leveled against her. This underscores the importance of due process and the presumption of innocence until proven otherwise.

“Despite the clear vindication, it is disheartening to note that a new wave of campaign aimed at discrediting Dr. Dankaka’s academic credentials has emerged. NANS views this as a continuation of an unwarranted assault on a dedicated public servant and a deliberate attempt to undermine the integrity of the Federal Character Commission.

“The Federal Character Commission, under the leadership of Dr. (Mrs) Muheebah Dankaka, remains resolute in its commitment to upholding the principles enshrined in its establishment act. The Commission is determined to protect the interest of all Nigerians by ensuring equitable representation and distribution of resources across the diverse regions of the country.- it read.

By and large, NANS commends the leadership of the Federal Character Commission under the watchful eye of Dr. (Mrs) Muheebah Dankaka. The association recognizes the Commission’s unwavering dedication to its mandate, especially in the face of baseless attacks and attempts to undermine its credibility. Dr. Dankaka’s leadership has exemplified a commitment to transparency, fairness, and the promotion of national unity.

Therefore, NANS called on all well-meaning Nigerians to denounce the campaign of character assassination against Dr. (Mrs) Muheebah Dankaka and the Federal Character Commission. Such campaigns, devoid of substance and driven by ulterior motives, only serve to distract public servants from their critical responsibilities.

NANS stands in solidarity with the Federal Character Commission and urges all stakeholders to rally behind Dr. (Mrs) Muheebah Dankaka in her efforts to fulfill the Commission’s mandate. The association urges relevant authorities to investigate and address the source of these unwarranted attacks to safeguard the reputation of public servants committed to nation-building.

Comr. Abiola Azeez Babatunde

NANS Zone C Director Of Special Duty.

Leo Comrade Kolawole Mayowa

Assistant General Secretary, National Association of Nigerian Students, National Headquarters.

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