Gen Ibrahim Attairu: His death should be investigated

Vanity upon vanity. From Him we come, to Him we shall return. And life doesn’t guarantee us anything except death, surely we shall return to the final abode. To God be the glory, the Giver and the Taker, the Owner of every soul and the Master of living.

Though, death comes in appropriate time with which each and everyone’s destiny must come to pass. But it was so unfortunately that, the death of the serving Chief of Army staff happened to be in this critical time, the time that he was impactful, the time Nigerians thought he would be a better one due to insecurity as lives of innocent people have been lost, the time which bad things become good, the time the only country is unrest. Kidnapping, rapping, harassment, killing and other insurgency that happen at a time.

General Ibrahim Attairu who struggled harder with wealth of experiences in the field to tackle the insurgency in the country had yesterday reportedly dead in Plane Crash with colleagues in the field of struggle, in mission to ensure safety for the Nigerians.

But, sequence to the report of his death, and with the insight look like the death seems to be an arrangement within the Government due to his victory so far since he assumed office. His ongoing victory seems to be headache to top officials or others in the government who are destabilising the good atmosphere of our nation.

The circumstance that took the Chief of Army staff and others in the plane with him should be investigated and whoever attached should face the consequences and prosecuted.

Abdulsalam Oniyere
An advocate of good conduct

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