Timothy Olufemi Extols Gov. Makinde’s Support for People with Disabilities, Promotes Voter Engagement Ahead of Oyo LG Elections

Executive Assistant on Disability Matters, Timothy Olufemi, has extended his heartfelt appreciation to Governor Seyi Makinde for his consistent and invaluable support towards the advancement and welfare of individuals with disabilities in the state. 

Olufemi, a staunch advocate for disability rights, acknowledged and commended the Governor’s commitment in fostering inclusivity and accessibility for all residents of Oyo State. 

According to a statement made available to MOUTHPIECE NGR on Saturday, the Governor’s aide is actively urging and mobilizing people with disabilities to actively participate in the forthcoming LG election slated April, 27th, 2024. 

Olufemi emphasized the vital role that each citizen plays in shaping the future of their communities, underscoring the significance of voting and encouraged individuals with disabilities to exercise their democratic rights with pride and determination. 

The statement added, “Furthermore, as a strong proponent of the People’s Democratic Party, Olufemi urges the disability community to rally behind the party’s candidates across the 33 local governments and to unite in support of a shared vision for the betterment of Oyo State.

“By amplifying the voices and needs of people with disabilities, it is aim to foster a more inclusive and equitable political landscape that reflects the diverse perspectives and interests of all citizens. 

“Through his unwavering dedication and tireless advocacy as the Executive Assistant on Disability Matters, Timothy Olufemi continues to champion the fundamental rights and empowerment of people with disabilities across Oyo State. 

“His initiative serves as a beacon of hope and progress towards building a society where every individual, irrespective of their abilities, is empowered to participate actively and meaningfully in shaping their future.”

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