NANS meets FEDPOFFA management on tuition hike, dialogue resulted in reduction of fees

In a proactive move to address the growing concerns surrounding the sudden surge in tuition fees at Federal Polytechnic Offa, the National Association of Nigeria Students (NANS) National embarked on a pivotal engagement with the institution’s leadership.

This meeting, convened to deliberate on the alarming increase in school fees, aimed to find common ground and establish a sustainable solution that balances the needs of the institution and the financial capacities of the student body.

NANS National, representing the collective voice of Nigerian students, articulated its deep concern over the recent escalation in tuition fees at Federal Polytechnic Offa.

Emphasizing the potential socio-economic challenges this posed to students, the led delegation who also double as the National Assistant Secretary General, Comr. Kolawole Mayowa Sodiq who represented the NANS National President Comr. Pedro Chibuzo Obi in attendance with the NANS Zone C Director of Special duty Comr. Abiola Azeez Babatunde, The NANS JCC Public relations officer, Comr. Olaniyi Afeez Olaleye including Director of Media and Publicity Comr. Hassan Ayinde Ridwan underscored the importance of maintaining affordable access to quality education for the teeming Nigerian students.

Recognizing the imperative for open communication and mutual understanding, both the leadership of NANS National and the management of Federal Polytechnic Offa engaged in a comprehensive and prolonged discussion.

The deliberations focused on fostering an atmosphere conducive to addressing the concerns raised by students apex leadership, while ensuring the financial sustainability of the institution.

From his part, following extensive deliberations, the management of Federal Polytechnic Offa, led by its Rector, Engr. Abdul Kadir (Ph.D) expressed understanding of the students’ perspectives and pledged to revisit the decision to increase tuition fees. As such, the institution’s leadership affirmed its commitment to fostering an inclusive learning environment and assured NANS National of a thorough review of the fee structure.

In the spirit of collaborative problem-solving, both NANS National and Federal Polytechnic Offa’s management identified viable resolutions during the meeting. These resolutions are crafted to strike a balance between addressing the financial realities of the students and ensuring the institution’s ability to maintain and enhance educational standards.

From the above, as a testament to the cooperative spirit fostered during the meeting, NANS National and the management of Federal Polytechnic Offa agreed to establish an ongoing collaborative framework. This framework aims to address not only tuition fee concerns but also other student-related issues that may arise in the future.

NANS commends the Federal Polytechnic Offa’s leadership for their willingness to engage in constructive dialogue. “The association remains dedicated to monitoring the progress of the promised fee review and encourages transparent communication and collaboration as essential elements in resolving issues affecting the educational welfare of students nationwide” the statement concluded.

Our resolutions

1. The Management of the polytechnic has agreed on 12% Reduction in the school fee.

2. Hostel fee was reduced from 80,000 naira to 50,000 naira only.

3. Damages for graduating students has been reduced from 5000 naira – 2000 naira only.

4. The Management agreed to conduct the student union election in February and promised to ensure the SUG election will be conducted every second semester.

5. The management promise to provide adequate internet facility within the school premises,

6. The Rector of the polytechnic also promise not to compromise the interest of the student and do his best for the betterment of the student community.


Leo Comrade Kolawole Mayowa

Assistant General Secretary, National Association of Nigerian Students, National Headquarters.

Comr. Abiola Azeez Babatunde NANS Zone C Director Of Special Duty.Comr. Olaniyi Afeez Olaleye NANS JCC Kwara PRO.

25th, January, 2024.

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