OMC Medical Centre Offa: Clina-Lancet laboratories commences pathology investigations, other services

Clina-Lancet Laboratories Nigeria has officially commenced operations at the Offa Metropolitan Club (OMC) Medical Centre in Offa, Kwara state.

Recalled that the partnership, established through a Service Level Agreement signed in June 2023 between OMC and Clina-Lancet Laboratories Ltd, is aimed at addressing critical healthcare issues in the country.

Mr. Abanishe Adeola Afeez, Business Development Executive at the Laboratories, highlighted that the OMC Medical Centre serves as a comprehensive facility for diagnostic procedures, surgeries, clinical consultations, and reference laboratories.

Emphasizing their commitment, Clina-Lancet Laboratories has swiftly integrated its resources and expertise into the medical center’s laboratory infrastructure and equipment.

As a leading pathology laboratory in Nigeria, Mr. Afeez explained the significance of pathology in medicine, focusing on understanding the nature, causes, and consequences of diseases on the body’s structure and function. The laboratory covers various subspecialties, including speech pathology, immunopathology, neuropathology, anatomic, and clinical.

He elaborated, “Pathology involves the examination of causes and consequences of different disease conditions through blood tests, tissue examinations, and gross specimens. OMC Medical Centre stands as a prototype facility equipped to conduct diagnostic procedures, surgeries, and serve as a reference laboratory.”

In a noteworthy move, Clina-Lancet Laboratories, in collaboration with the Offa Metropolitan Club, has subsidized the prices of its services at the OMC Medical Centre. Mr. Afeez expressed the laboratory’s commitment to making high-quality pathology services more accessible, stating, “We can conduct over 6,000 pathological tests, making us a unique and comprehensive option for healthcare services in the country. Our prices here are subsidized, thanks to the support from the Offa Metropolitan Club, ensuring affordability for our services compared to other places.”

This collaboration is a significant step towards enhancing healthcare accessibility and affordability in the region.

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