LG Poll: Ona Ara only need a credible candidate, not a failure— Glorious knocks APC candidate Ere

In a riveting political debate on Fresh FM’s popular political circuit hosted by Mayor Isaac Brown, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) candidate for Ona Ara Local Government Chairmanship, Dr. Glorious, delivered a knockout question to his All Progressives Congress (APC) counterpart, Hon. Ismaila Akanni, popularly known as Ere.

During the heated exchange in the debate titled “ONA ARA LG FACE OFF,” Dr. Glorious seized the opportunity to confront Akanni Ere with a pointed question, asking, “Why are you engaging yourself in political betting when you contested the Oyo House of Assembly seat, which was won by the very brilliant Oyo Deputy Speaker, Honourable Muhammad Abiodun Fadeyi, and yet you’re now contesting for the Chairmanship position? Is it because you don’t have work? Or is there no other competent person in the APC?”

This incisive question underscored the stakes of the upcoming local government elections and highlighted the need for accountability and commitment from candidates vying for public office.

Dr. Glorious used the opportunity to outlined his visionary “NEW ERA” agenda comprising six key points to govern Ona Ara Local Government effectively once elected.

Additionally, Dr. Glorious pointed out that despite Akanni Ere holding multiple positions of influence in Ona Ara Local Government, he has failed to initiate any developmental projects in his own village in Ward 4 (Gbada Efon).

I have promised the people living in the village a borehole during my first 100 days in office as chairman of Ona Ara Local Government, Dr. GLORIOUS’ said

This exchange not only showcased Dr. Glorious’ commitment to transparency and progress but also highlighted the need for effective leadership and accountability in local governance.

GLOWIN Campaign Media Unit

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