Transforming PaceSetter Transport Services in Oyo State: A Testament to Leadership and Innovation by the Ijoba Authority Moe

In just nine months since assuming the role as Chairman and Sole Administrator of PaceSetter Transport Services (PTS) in Oyo State, appointed by the esteemed Governor Seyi Makinde, Dr. Ibraheem Oladeji Salami Dikko has spearheaded a remarkable transformation.

Before Dr. Dikko’s appointment, PTS faced significant challenges. However, with his authority to enact reforms including restructuring and instilling discipline, the organization has witnessed unprecedented progress.

Under Governor Makinde’s visionary leadership, initiatives like the Safer Program have revolutionized transportation in Oyo State, relieving citizens of stress and unnecessary expenses.

Dr. Dikko’s exemplary leadership mirrors Governor Makinde’s commitment to good governance, ensuring that the Safer Program benefits all.

Governor Makinde’s reputation as a trailblazer for positive change is evident in his support for modernizing PTS operations, transitioning from analog to digital systems for global competitiveness.

Dr. Dikko embodies values of humility, transparency, and empathy, fostering an environment of progress and inclusivity.

As the Chairman and Sole Administrator of PaceSetter Transport Services, Dr. Dikko’s integrity and openness have earned him respect and collaboration from all quarters.

The ongoing reforms under Dr. Dikko’s stewardship herald a new era for PTS, promising improved services and efficiency.

As we anticipate further positive developments, it’s clear that the partnership and support given by Governor Makinde to Chairman and Sole Administrator Dr. Dikko is driving tangible change for the betterment of Oyo State.

In conclusion, the commitment of leaders like Governor Makinde and Dr. Dikko Salami to service and innovation serves as a beacon of hope, inspiring others to contribute to the progress and welfare of society.

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