OPINION: FG’s Rice Palliative And Agboworin’s Human Face To Politics | By Biodun Adekola

Before now, I had always wanted to write on the rice palliative given by the Federal Government as part of efforts to reach out to the people, and in making sure that yuletide season is sweet for every household in the country. But I was still waiting and conducting some background checks to know who was really lying and who was telling the truth to the unsuspecting members of the public – the National Assembly members or the Presidency?

Obviously, the matter has raised a lot of dust. While the Presidency confirmed that Tinubu allocated truck loads of rice to all the Senators and members of the House of Representatives for onward distribution as federal government palliatives to their various constituencies, the NASS members neither denied nor admitted to the matter. There was absolute and deafening silence from NASS members. Only few among them answered in the affirmative, confirming they were given rice. DisHonorable NASS members without conscience should I say?

As days went by, the matter became forgotten as in most cases in the Nigeria style. Life continued as usual and Nigerians were quick to accept such as their fate. But let me, again, say a big thanks to Honorable Agboworin, though Nigerians are still watching the rest. We are hoping many of them would do the needful and take the honorable path like Agboworin did.

Those Senators and Rep members, who decided to ‘eat’ the food of the impoverished masses, have already eaten poison. They won’t come back in 2027 to campaign again. The Nigerian Youths would collect their money and not vote for them again.

I have always stated in my write-ups that the voters of this generation are not like the electorates of the 70s or the 80s or the 90s who don’t know their left from right. These present voters are computer-savy, they are in jet-age. They are not only smart but sharp. They are intelligent, they have Yahoo-brain (smile). They don’t forget things easily. They know what kind of politician you are when engaging them. If you cheat them now, they will pay you back in many folds later when you need their support.

Methinks the present political office holders learn from Tesilim Folarin. While he was a Senator, like others in the Senate, he was given COVID-19 palliatives for the poor Nigeria masses. But what did he do with them? The greedy inconsiderate guy hid all the billions of Naira worth of materials meant for the people in one of his warehouses. It was one of the his workers that informed the people of Ibadan that his Boss was hiding stuffs somewhere else. Trust the hungry masses; they looted the place and carted away palliatives meant for them. It was during broad daylight and was as though one was watching Africa Magic movie. So, who is now the thief? Senator Teslim Folarin or the masses? My thought is as good as yours.

When the time of elections came, APC nominated him or he ‘JA GBA’ as usual from Abuja. He thought people would have forgotten his atrocities, greediness and inhumane ways of life. He lost the last gubernatorial election gallantly.

Let all our politicians learn from History. I will still write on the psychology of the contemporary voters very soon so that politicians may know what to expect come 2027, another year of real politicking and elections

Permit me to say that kindness, generosity and the spirit of giving have all been Honorable Agboworin’s way of life. I can also say you will find it in his DNA if checked. Those who are close to him have attested to the fact that he has been like this from childhood. He loves to spread goodness and joy to people around him even when he had little.

In the Secondary School he attended at Ibadan Christ Apostolic Grammar School, Orita Aperin, Ibadan, He belonged to the 1987/1988 set and some of his mates said he was ever ready to give and help the needy. In tertiary institution, he was always willing to give a helping hand. So, it is suffice to say Agboworin is a born-leader. His coming to politics was ordained.

Ever since he got to the House of Reps, his primary and major concern has always been the welfare of his constituents in Ibadan North East/South East. Even those outside his constituency benefit from him one way or the other based on the fact that he is not a regular politician and practically Distributes resources at his disposal.

While other NASS members would love to stay back in Abuja to enjoy the common wealth of their electorates, he is always on ground in Ibadan to oversee the distribution of what is meant for his people. That is the man Agboworin.

His prompt visit to Orita Aperin market in Ibadan that got burnt few days ago to sympathize with the people who lost millions of properties to the inferno attested to the fact that he feels what the common man feels. He donated money to them as usual. That’s the kind of politicians Nigeria needs now.

Though Agboworin belongs to the new generation of young political leaders Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State is grooming for now and the future, he stands out among many of them. In the last national elections, while Tinubu’s Tsunami helped many APC members to win in their various states, especially in the southwest of Nigeria, the voters refused to vote for another candidate. It was Agboworin they voted for. It was a statement that the people of his Constituency know him one-on-one as a grassroot politician and a man of the people.

He is humble, accessible, generous, kind and a team player. Some of his supporters promised to continue to vote him to the Federal House of Reps till he becomes the Speaker from Oyo State.

Again, well done, Agboworin for the yeoman’s job. You have just demonstrated the Makinde character – the ‘Idan’ himself – the supremo of Oyo state politics. Seyi Makinde tactically wrestled down the traditional political godfathers in Oyo State and technically retired them to Elders’ Council so that the New Generation of leaders like Agboworin can emerge. The Gentle Boy of Oyo state has meticulously changed the narratives of Oyo politics by gradually handing over political leadership to young vibrant and resourceful future leaders.

Well done, gentle BOY of Oyo state. You have the backing of Oyo state youths. You are doing well, Sir.

So, for the Senators and Rep members in Abuja, a word is enough for the wise. Bring out the Tinubu Rice now or eat your last supper politically.

Biodun Adekola is a social critic and advocate for good governance. He writes from Ibadan and can be reached on 08066462434

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