RE: Oke-Ogun Poly Saki ask Makinde to sack G-C Chairman, Former Rector over gross misconduct, insubordination by Concerned Staff

Our profound appreciation first of all, goes to our amiable and ever efficient governor, Engr Oluseyi Makinde, for his enviable feats achieved in the Oyo State education sector. The vision and foresight of Your Excellency has been evidently felt by all and sundry in the state. Your swift responses to conflicting situations in the state, most especially in the state’s institution are really encouraging.

Equally, we appreciate the efforts of the Council members of The Oke-Ogun Polytechnic, Saki, ably led by Professor Adesola Ajayi. The administrative acumen displayed by the Professor and cabinet embers is second to none. It should be categorically stated that the spate of development witnessed by this institution within the little period the Council was inaugurated is enormous.

Your Excellency sir, our attention has been drawn to an online publication captioned: “Oke-Ogun Poly Saki Ask Makinde to Sack Governing Council Chairman, former Rector over Gross Misconduct, Insubordination”. This publication emanated from mischievous individuals with no sense of decency. Sir, we want to set the record straight.

Professor Adesola Ajayi is a man of integrity; a man with sound administrative acumen; one who has performed creditably well, both home and abroad. The frivolous publication was a calculated attempt to barter the image of Professor Adesola Ajayi. It is not surprising that people with no reputation and integrity would go to any length to damage the image of another fellow. When we read through the write-up, and knowing the integrity of the writers, it is not surprising sir.

Also, the write-up damaged the reputation of the former Pioneer Rector of the institution, Mr Oladeji Matthew Olaniyi, a man whose achievements in the institution speak audibly. Hi management developed the institution infrastructurally, academically and resources wise. A visit to the institution would convince anybody after seeing his enviable achievements. The physical structures that sprang up during his tenure as Rector surpassed what had been on ground for the past 22 years of the institution’s existence. Also, this is someone who was subjected to many panels of investigations – all without any evidence to crucify him.

Your Excellency sir, The Oke-Ogun Polytechnic, Saki is full of workers who are thugs in guise of academia who contribute nothing to research and knowledge but are experts in writing frivolous and libelous petitions. Most of the staff (academic and non-academic) have no real academic work they engage in, hence their audacity to be writing and publishing unfounded information just to damage the image and reputation of the two fellows mentioned.

Sir, an adage says “an idle hand is the devil’s workshop.” These petitioners made reference to Government White paper in their write-up. One may ask: what is their concern with White Paper? Are they being owed salaries? Could it be that they are jobless and idle at work? What injuries have they suffered? Are there not other items in the White Paper which they are ignoring, such as regularization of casual staff? 

The institution is full of staff with questionable characters. There are staff with cases of unmarked scripts; staff who have defrauded and stolen properties belonging to the institution; staff who are demanding for promotion they do not merit; staff who are forcing female students to bed in exchange for marks. These are so many other can of worms giving them unrest of mind. Sir, these are people who do not like orderliness and sanity in the institution. The White Paper cited in the write-up has nothing to do with what they raised in their petitions. They are so daft to the extent of not knowing how to decode it. The paper also discussed the former Council Chairman, Professor Tijani Moshood and his Council members yet, these people did not deem it fit to look into this.

Sir, who are these desperate people? they are people who always pervert and subvert justice; they are people who care less if the institution stands or not; these are people whose main preoccupation is to see that the institution has no standard; these are people who have grown and developed the habit of damaging the image of the righteous. The crux of the matter is that these crops of disgruntled elements are afraid of the punishment that awaits them and their heinous crimes hence they want to escape through malicious damage of the Council Chairman. The wind has blown off their dirty fowl’s rump; and it stinks.


We want the government to do the following:

Carry out proper staff audit with the aim of investigating the write-up published online and the petitioners. The Holy Bible says: “Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.” We want the writers to be thoroughly investigated and if found guilty, be heavily punished to serve as deterrent for future frivolous petitioners.

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