PHOTOS: Nigerian celebrity cut off her breasts to look masculine

Mouthpiece NGR reports that a Nigerian female celebrity has cut off her breasts to look masculine.

The popular Nigerian celebrity and author, Akwaeke Emezi, a born female celebrity decided to change her look.

The popular author, Akwaeke Emezi who was born a female, allegedly claim that she has grown to understand that she’s a male and not a ogbanje trapped in a female body, then she took the risk in order to do everything possible to look like a male, she paid a surgeon in order to undergo surgery by cutting off her breast.

She said that the young American surgeon whom operated her did a perfect job, because she reduced her chest till she’s almost nothing. Then she got operated on.

The popular Nigerian author, Akwaeke Emezi Ehis is US based, is a very brilliant writer she made Nigeria proud in storytelling and her novel has been shortlisted on the top 20 of the best book in New York sales.

But the act of her cutting off her breast just to look like a mans got people talking and surprised.

This is a satanic story of a Nigerian female, someone said. 

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