How Nigerian pilot successfully landed on water to save 13 passengers

Michael Akinde has shared the exploits of a Nigerian pilot, Abimbola Jaiyeola, who successfully maneuvered an helicopter and landed on water to save 13 passengers on board. Her action saved the helicopter from crashing and killing all the passengers on it. Akinde shared the experience on LinkedIn.

Meet this Nigerian hero and first helicopter female captain named Abimbola Jaiyeola who shocked many during the course of her duty.

Abimbola Jaiyeola, in December 2014, became the first female captain to pilot a helicopter in Nigeria, flying the Sikorsky S76 for Bristow Helicopters Nigeria.

Two years after becoming a pilot, she prevented the death of 13 passengers from Port-Harcourt to Lagos after her chopper developed a fault.

She declared an emergency and tried to land the plane but decided at the last minute to ditch into the Atlantic Ocean.

Ditching is knowingly making a controlled emergency landing on water.

She had to use the floatation gear in the landing, to prevent the helicopter from sinking and absorbing impact pressure.

Although some of the passenger suffered degrees of injuries, but no life was lost.

Abimbola Jaiyeola, is an indigene of Ogun State, who graduated from Bristow Academy in 2008 and then moved to Florida and furthered her training.

After the heroic action, she was celebrated on the news and still celebrated till date as long as history is involved.

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