Guinness World Record: Hilda Baci cooks over 110 meals in 64 hours

Hilda Baci, a Nigerian chef, has hit significant milestones in her attempt to break the Guinness World Record for longest cooking by an individual.

The 27-year-old is going on 64 hours and counting, with about 32 hours left for her to break the Guinness World Record.

So far, Hilda has cooked over 110 meals and served over 2,795 people. Despite her obvious exhaustion from being on her feet for three days and counting, Hilda Baci’s commitment to excellence is evident as she is not compromising on the meal standard and has maintained excellence which her brand is synonymous with.

Baci’s attempt to break the Guinness World Record has been nothing but awe-inspiring to Nigerians and women around the world as this attempt has had an influx of Nigerians at the venue of the cook-a-thon to see her break this record and thousands more, following live events closely via social media.

Notable celebrities have also actively supported Baci’s attempt by being present at the venue of the cook-a-thon and showering Baci with words of encouragement and affirmation.

Nigerian singer and Hilda’s close friend, Dremo, remains a constant source of support to Baci as he has been present since the start of the event on Thursday.

Media personalities, Noble Igwe, Enioluwa; beauty enthusiasts, Beauty by AD CEO, Adeola; media personality and Hilda’s friend, Ama Reginald; medical doctor, and fashion enthusiasts, Akin Faminu; and Big Brother Titans ex-housemates, Thabang Mazibuko and Tsatsii Madiba, were also present showing their support and admiration for Baci’s attempt.

Popular food bloggers also came out to support Hilda; Gina Ojo, Ify Mojekwu, and Diary of a Kitchen Lover.

The #HildaBaciCookathon is supported by My Food by Hilda; Hilda’s restaurant, located at 6, Emmanuel Abimbola Cole; headline sponsor, GB Foods, owners of Gino tomatoes paste, Gino max cubes, Jumbo and Bama.

Other supporting sponsors are Arla, Woodscope, Baigewallet, Filmhouse, Uber, Monty Suites, and the Culinary Arts Practitioners Association of Nigeria.

Brands continue to reach out in numbers to show support for Hilda Baci as well as motivate the crowd to ensure everyone has something to eat and drink at no cost. Some of which are Coldstone, Cway, Hans, and Rene.

With Monday just around the corner, more encouraging words pour in and Hilda Baci’s resilience and determination to see this through is evident. “Bet on Hilda” continues to trend on social media and with hopes high and Baci’s strong resolve, the #HildaBaciCookathon is not only inspiring but positively impacting lives.

Some of the highlights from day 3 of Hilda’s cook-a-thon was the yoga class in the morning, facilitated by Tobe Ifeanyi, and a speech from Hilda’s mum at 47 hours when Hilda needed motivation. Hilda’s mom is the owner of Calabar Pot, one of the top restaurants in Abuja.

Over the night, 58 hours into the cook-a-thon a group of traditional Efik dancers came to support Hilda dressed in traditional dancing gear. Enioluwa hyped and prayed with the crowd in the middle of the night.

You can watch Hilda Baci’s cook-a-thon live on Instagram on Hilda’s personal page @hildabaci, Hilda’s restaurant page @myfoodbyhilda, Hilda’s cook-a-thon page @hildabaci, on Youtube @Hildabacicookathon, on Tiktok @hildabacicooks and on Twitter @hildabacicooks.

On TikTok use the hashtag #Hildacooks #foodtiktok. On Instagram use #hildabacicookathon #betonhilda #hildabaci.

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