₦70M Mercedes Maybach Goes Up In Flames (Pictures, Video) 

The internet went into frenzy over the weekend when a Mercedes’ Benz suddenly got burnt. 

Feelers have continued to express a mixed reaction over the incident. 

A Facebook user wrote: 70 million in fire


I now confirm I woke up from the wrong side of the hospital bed. 

70million? That’s much. 

Baba God please grant me my heart desires. 

Another user said: Hahaha. 70m wetin. I shock cos dem suppose go buy beer,relax,dey for one corner,dey observe as e dey burn. Cos e sure say insurance go cover am…..hahahaha.

Ole. Una go just dey carry car dey upgrade body,tamper with wires. Una think say oyinbo na quacks when it comes to electrical. God punish una. Hahahahaha. 

I no go shock if portable old g wagon sef catch fire. Make una leave the electricals alone,old model or new model,car na car.

Below are pictures and video of N70m that goes up in flames 

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