Ramadan: I’ll continue to pay evil with good, says Oyo Deputy Gov 

The deputy governor of Oyo state, Barrister Abdul-Raheem Adebayo Lawal has stated that he will continue to pay evil with good deeds in line with the preaching of Prophet Muhammad.

Lawal, who stated this on Friday at the 3rd Ramadan lecture of Housing Corporation, on a topic, “good deeds”, said he has taken his own lesson from it to continue paying evil with good regardless of political affiliations.

He urged other Muslims to also take good advantage of the month of Ramadan to seek for forgiveness and not to pay evil with evil. He also asked then to also use the occasion to pray for Makinde to succeed in the Omituntun 2.0.

The deputy governor, who thanked Allah for allowing everyone to witness this year’s Ramadan, singled out KK Olosho for praise for supporting the Makinde administration and being a key factor in his electoral victory. He prayed that God would continue to be with him. 

According to Lawal, who was appointed Executive Chairman of Housing Corporation in 2020, said that his love for Islam drove him to start reconstructing the Housing Corporation mosque in order to accommodate worshipers since the Bodija mosque was constantly packed.

He emphasized that the earth is a life of exclusion and thanked everyone who stood strongly behind Makinde’s electoral victory, especially PAG who worked alongside him during the campaign period to make sure Makinde’s election was a success. 

He expressed gratitude for the guest lecturer’s lovely presentation and noted that the lecture’s theme, good deeds, is pertinent, adding that he has learned his own lesson from the sermon, which is to continue doing good things regardless of political affiliations. 

He emphasized that individuals must also contribute to the ongoing construction of the Housing Corporation mosque in order to earn a massive reward from Allah. 

Lawal reiterated that the campaign mantra of Governor Seyi Makinde’s second term which is Omituntun 2.0 will be better than the first term Omitutun 1.0, saying that their promise for the good people of Oyo state would come true. 

In order to guarantee that the governor would keep his election promises, he revealed that no other place in the history of the old Oyo state and the western area had ever seen the kind of landslide victory that Oyo state experienced on March 18 governorship election.

While urging Housing Corporation workers to be more diligent in their work, he urged good people of Oyo state to approach Housing Corporation for a land procurement and take advantage of the government’s safe and secure procurement process.

“Once again, I thank you all for your presence. I pray God will continue to be with us,” he said. 

Imam Nurudeen Jamiu, the guest lecturer, had earlier advised individuals to be more dedicated to doing good things, noting that good deeds are also a part of human character and that negative deeds are also a reflection of bad behavior. 

The lecturer underlined that performing good acts includes worshiping Allah. He also urged everyone to practice good deeds through their words and deeds, emphasizing that performing good deeds during the month of Ramadan and offering alms to the needy come with lot of rewards from Allah. 

He praised the deputy governor for his consideration in enlarging the Housing mosque, stating that it is also a good deed, and he encouraged him to see to it that the mosque is completed. 

In addition, the lecturer advised Muslims to treat their parents with kindness and to care for them both while they are living and after they pass away since Allah will reward them for doing so in a multiple ways. 

He also urged the deputy governor to treat his wife well in accordance with the Prophet Muhammad’s teachings as well as advising him not to become overconfident in his position to an extent that he won’t care for his wife. 

“Your Excellency, I must commend you for organizing iftar every day for ordinary people and also striving towards the course of Islam. Please, continue doing so. 

““I want to also thank Governor Makinde for his love towards Islam and how he has been using his own personal money to build mosque for Muslim and also recently, with the way he gave out cars to Islamic clerics. I pray Allah will continue to be with him.”.

But in his vote of thanks, Mr. Lawal, one of the event’s organizers, congratulated the deputy governor on his birthday anniversary and thanked everyone who attended the program, including Imam KK Oloso, who had earlier delivered the opening remarks. 

Alhaja Fausat, the Commissioner for Special Duties, Yusuf Shuaib, the Chairman of the Ibadan North Local Government, Elder Adekola, and Baba Ajuwon, Adamawa were among those in attendance at the ceremony. 

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