Governor Makinde’s investment in human resources, a major tool for Sustainable development. – BLESSMAS

Taking ourselves back the memory lane, GSM as a HR Manager has only deployed the best hands to manage the governance and affairs of our beloved state.

In every organization, the human resources is always the heartbeat, getting it wrong could be the beginning of the end of such organization, no wonder our performing governor sourced for the best hands to paddle the affairs of Oyo state for the last four years.

Beginning from Oyo state Chief of Staff who has been equipped with bundles of experience in both public and private sectors within and outside the country. His effort in the success of Omituntun 2.0 project cannot be underemphasized.

During the campaign, Otunba Hon Segun Ogunwuyi donated several vehicles for the support of GsM’s re-election bid. If I am to mention all that Otunba did I will talk till tomorrow mentioning the countless contributions. What a huge sacrifice.

According to Wikipedia, Loyalty is a devotion and faithfulness to a nation, course, philosophy, country, group, or person.

Beyond rhetorics, Otunba’s loyalty is undisputable. No wonder GSM found qualities in him and made him and elevated him from the Executive Assistant on Investment to the DG investment and PPP and now the Chief of Staff.

Looking into GSM’S cabinet, all members are people full of wisdom and intellect.

Gsm is a human resources manager, an engineer and a builder, no wonder he is the architect of a modern Oyo state. He will do better in Omituntun 2.0

Accelerated development to sustainable development.

Blessing Afolabi writes from Ogbomoso Oyo state.

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