Drama as police arrest sheep for ‘stealing’ in Borno

The Borno police command has reportedly arrested a sheep and her two lambs for eating a heap of fried fish displayed for sale at Bulabulin Ward in Maiduguri, the state’s capital.

The arrest followed a complaint lodged by a trader identified as Yusuf Ibrahim, who sells fish in the neighbourhood.

According to the CABLE report, he complained that the sheep in question had terrorised him for years by playing a game of hide and seek with him and his stock.

According to him, the sheep would wait for him to be distracted and then quickly grab a mouthful of the fish until he or the bystanders would realise and chase it away.

He said he endured the sheep’s unruly behaviour for years but had the final straw on Saturday as the action caused him huge financial losses.

Speaking with newsmen, Luba Mohammed, owner of the sheep, said she was confused when the sheep developed a liking for fried fish.

She said Ibrahim had complained to her about the behaviour but pleaded with him to forgive it.

Mohammed said she would take disciplinary measures against the sheep by selling, slaughtering, or tying it at home.

The matter reportedly lasted till late into the night as Mohammed, Ibrahim and concerned elders debated how to solve the matter at the police station.

Efforts to reach Kamiludeen Sani, Borno police spokesperson, as at the time of filing this report were not successful.

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