Makinde: Your political agenda dead on arrival— PDP replies APC

The All Progressives Congress (APC), the opposition party, has received a warning from the Oyo state chapter of the ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP), saying that whether it tries to play politics as an opposition party or not, its political agenda and candidates are all dead projects on arrival. 

The reaction by the Oyo state PDP is coming on the heels of APC’s statement by its state publicity secretary, Olawale Sadare against Governor Seyi Makinde as allegedly sponsored for publication in some section of the online news medium saying the opposition’s desperation is being fueled by lack of access to the state coffers noting that were it not for Makinde’s simplicity towards investigating and prosecuting the last APC government, many of the opposition members would have been languishing away in jail by now.

A statement by the Oyo state Publicity Secretary of the ruling PDP and made available to newsmen on Monday morning (today), Oct 10, described the statement by the Oyo APC as not only laughable but also devoid of any atom of shame, empathy, and remorse for the pain, emotional and psychological trauma caused the people of the state for 8 interrupted years.

“If Makinde was at the very least power drunk as shamefully alleged by our noisy neighbors, many of its members would have been languishing in jail by now.

Governor Makinde, a peaceful and peace loving person epitomized, has remain calm even in the face of unprovoked verbal assaults and vituperative remarks from the APC in the state against his person and personality outside of government.

“Could any opposition party member or members dare half of what APC is recklessly doing now with its government between 2011 and 2019? But we believe this is the beauty of democracy. It is on record how the then APC governor publicly bullied retirees and pensioners who demanded for what rightfully belonged to them and even compared them with dead people, it was also on record how the APC government despite its monumental failure in education shamefully disgraced itself while engaging in a needless face-off with protesting LAUTECH students after over two whole years of being on strike.” The PDP said.

The ruling PDP maintained that should its opposition counterpart in the state, the APC has any slightest semblance of human empathy away from playing politics, it should engage itself in what was described as a statewide tour of open apology to the innocent people it inflicted untold hardship, economic pain, psychological and emotional trauma and greatly impoverished within its 8 years of draconian misrule between 2011 and 2019.

The party wondered why the Oyo APC would continue to subject itself to fallacious thinking out of self imposed delusion in the face of current political realities in that it could display such level of political rascality thereby, making ludicrous and indecorous remarks against Governor Makinde, a man who’s unprecented achievements in less than four years have earned him the nickname of a ‘God Sent Messiah, (GSM)’ by the good people of Oyo state.

The ruling PDP recalled that APC in the state in its reaction to Governor Makinde’s response to some of the questions asked by the program anchor, Edmund Obilo, while featuring on a Live popular Ibadan based radio program, attacked the governor with unprintable words, describing the Governor’s response as unfortunate and shameful while also defending the impeached deputy governor, Rauf Olaniyan.

The Oyo state PDP however, condemned the statement credited to the APC in defense of the former deputy governor describing the opposition’s remarks as not only regrettable and lacking in moral uprightness but also shows everything the opposition party represents saying APC members by every atom of moral standing have no place among politicians to be trusted or taken seriously stressing that Nigerians are already desperate and impatient to end APC’s existence come 2023.

“For the avoidance of doubt, everything regarding the impeachment of former deputy governor, Engr. Rauf Olaniyan remain a public knowledge from start to finish. It was a exercise that duly followed required constitutional process. Even after his impeachment, Olaniyan approached the court of law and still lost because what the Legislature did was in tandem with the provisions of the law. It is rather laughable not sad to see APC in its usual show of macabre dance of shame throw tantrums at governor Seyi Makinde for an entirely legislative exercise all because APC has become a safe haven for alleged murderers, thieves, and political desperados.

“We ordinarily should have ignored the APC’s vituperation and tantrums against Governor Makinde but knowing the party for what it represents; lies disseminating machine, we will not give them the opportunity of misleading the public to gain any cheap political relevance off our hard earned political strength and as such will not join them in their gutter politics rather, we’ll educate them if they’ll ever learn.

“Governor Makinde has proved and shown to the whole world through his visionary and purposeful leadership that sovereign power lies with the people thereby, making the overall wellbeing of the people his administration’s number one priority regardless of the endless mischiefs and attacks by the Governor’s noisy detractors knowing fully well that security of lives and properties as well as the wellbeing of the people formed the very primary duties of government.

“Is it not mind bugling to note that Makinde’s success in health sector especially management of covid-19, education, road infrastructures, economy have endeared Oyo state template to the federal government such that the template is being adopted and replicated by the APC led government at the center? Yet, APC in Oyo state remains perpetually blind out of mischief to swallow its ego.

“APC, a calamitous party was and still has been nothing short of being a curse to this state because of its antecedents between 2011 and 2019; all it did was to inflict pains, pains, and more pains on the people it was meant to govern and still go about galavanting despite the persistent public outcry against its devilish disposition to power which occasioned why the party has lost all the serious politicians that made it relevant to the PDP.

“The PDP government is and will remain committed to the wellbeing as well as the security of lives and properties of the good people of Oyo state even in the face of a ravaging direction-less party as APC whose final burial has been slated for 2023 at the polls.” The PDP concluded.

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