2023: Why Dr. Lukman Adisa (Adamawa) deserves Ifedapo Federal Constituency votes By Mukaila Muideen 

As the 2023 general election approaches, it is important to introduce to the good people of Saki East, Saki West, and Atisbo local government area of Oyo State the grass-roots mobilizer, a youth with focus and very good foresight, an erudite scholar, and an indigenous politician, DR. LUKMAN ADISA ADAMAWA, the candidate of the ruling PEOPLE’S DEMOCRATIC PARTY (PDP), who is on the verge of representing our noble Federal Constituency at the green chamber, Abuja, come 2023. 

It is a well known fact that Dr. Lukman is a deep rooted politician with enormous experience and strong background in preserving democracy. Over the years, Dr. Lukman Adisa Adamawa has never been the type of politician with a sweet tongue for foolish promises. 

He is an impartial person who performs his political duty regardless of gender or religion. 

Dr. Lukman Adisa Adamawa has always been and will continue to be a champion of high-quality education for all students, including the less privileged. This is due to his growing understanding of the importance of high-quality education and the improvement of his own educational background. If elected, Dr. Lukman Adisa Adamawa will not be a siddon-looking bench warmer. He is duly acquainted with the need for infrastructural developments, significant social amenities needed by his people.

Therefore, we are pleading with the decent citizens of Saki East, West, and Atisbo to cast their votes for a capable individual who will change and trigger important developments in this noble federal constituency. 

A vote for Dr.Lukman Adisa Adamawa is a vote for total liberation and freedom from political insubordinations in our constituency , moreso, Dr.Lukman Adisa Adamawa will not leave any stones unturned in terms of good representation and true leadership.

We are very optimistic that the victory of Dr Lukman Adisa Adamawa is very sacrosanct with the support of our supporters in these three local governments. 

Insha Allah, may Almighty Allah grant us the good fortune to live to see and experience the democratic rewards that Dr. Lukman Adisa Adamawa’s rise to power promises.

We are also assuring you that Dr.Lukman Adisa Adamawa will not disappoint you because he will take every necessary step to move our constituency to greater heights with your votes.

By Mukaila Muideen

      (Hon Gold)

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