Viral Video: Female suspect hid her boyfriend from arrest— Tope Owoeye

Following a video trending on social media showing policemen interrogating a 25-year-old female suspect and asking her what some people described embarrassing questions about her sex life, the Nigeria Police Force on Wednesday invited all persons involved.

Inspector General of Police, Muhammad Adamu had ordered discrete investigation into the circumstances surrounding the dehumanising treatment meted out to the female citizen in the viral video.

However, the police officer alleged for sexual assault and dehumanization of the female suspect explained that Nigerians are not treating the main issue.

He told Mouthpiece NGR on Thursday in a telephone conversation that the female suspect pretended to hide his guy for a cover.

According to him, to every work, there is always an underlying hazard. The recently circulated video of the nabbed gangster who usually kidnap innocent people for ransoms has been misconstrued and given another blemishing interpretation.

“I used to be a tracker for the Nigerian Police Force. I have been working assiduously with this crime fighting squad for quite some time in a bid to stem the tide of kidnapping, banditry, brigandage among other societal menace.”

“I have just nabbed the terrorising kidnapper with his girlfriend who pretended to hide the guy for a cover. I intelligently caught them in the act. I interrogated the guy and shifted the attention on the lady for revelations which had been hitherto hidden by the terror.”

“I never meant any harm against the lady only to probe her deeply to elicit germane information. The members of the public thought it was a torture or malignant but it’s deep than what they viewed. As a family man, I value womanhood and can’t unnecessarily maltreat any female folk.”

“I want to infer that kidnappers are most times caught in company of their accomplices thus the lady was not innocent and the disturbing quizzes were nothing but a strategy of investigation.”

Owoeye stated further that the recording of video is for record purposes as a suspect/criminal may want to decline the statement which audiovisual records would substantiate.

He said the video was leaked by his colleagues who were envious of his progression.

At the time of filing this report, Mr Owoeye’s phone was active not until about five minutes when his whereabouts cannot be ascertained, the phone therefore off, the family are scared of where he could be, trepidations are much as life is almost uncertain.

Mouthpiece NGR however gathered that the development has led to arrest of Two officers , ASP Tijani Olatunji and Inspr Gboyega Oyeniyi. They are currently being detained at the Lagos State CID detention facility, Panti, Yaba.

3 thoughts on “Viral Video: Female suspect hid her boyfriend from arrest— Tope Owoeye

  1. All these excuses are after thoughts, the contents of the video speaks for itself and come to think of it, the police officer had no right, whatsoever, to display a suspect on camera the way he did and all the questions he asked the girl were extremely irrelevant to the case, even if the lady is even a suspect something to say. The police high commands that usually parades suspects have known to do so after sorting the innocents from the real suspects. It is a common knowledge that police, in the course of performing their duties cannot be blamed for arresting everybody found with any suspected criminals but the onus is on them to investigate first, determine the innocents and let go of them before parading the real suspects. Now that the officer in this particular case has muddled everything up and his stupidity has been exposed, he is now looking for unfounded excuses, no way, his cup is full and we implore the Inspector General of Police to make a scapegoat of this overzealous officer, there are many “WyClef” policemen out there harassing and insulting innocent, powerless and harmless civilians on daily basis, destroying the image and credibility of the good spirited members of our National Security outfit. Nigerians are eagerly awaiting the outcome of the erring police officers in this particular case.

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