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Recent happenings in Oyo state calls for holistic reviews of the activities of the political gladiators both in PDP and APC as recent event is likely to shape 2023 political configuration in Oyo state. 
The ruling party PDP after the exodus of the light of political giants in the likes of senator Rashidi Adewolu Ladoja, Olufemi Lanlehin, Chief Sarafadeen Ali, Senator Ayoade Adeseun and many others, the party seems to have found her feet with the landslide victory her candidate Engineer Seyi Makinde recorded against APC candidate Bayo Adelabu with the support of coalition party led by senator Rashidi ladoja. 
The victory has come, and the performance of Engineer Seyi Makinde has made PDP a beautiful pride in Oyo state politics. The recent happenings on local government dissolution by the state government seems to be a turn in the flesh of PDP led administration as APC is trying all it can to resist the action of the governor which they termed undemocratic and a rape on the rule of law. 
Following this development, Mouthpiece NGR has carefully Ex-ray the first 11 gladiators in both parties. As they represent the arsenal in which both APC and PDP rely upon. 
Activities of the aforementioned will go a long way to determine where the pendulum swings. 
PDP Team— 
COACH / Game master 
Governor Seyi Makinde: 
Governor Seyi Makinde is responsible for the assemblage of PDP squad being the leader of the party and government. His words is law because of the composition of Nigeria political parties where governor used to be Alpha and omega or major decider of who gets what. 
Within the last 9 months of Engineer Seyi Makinde administration, Education became free there by increasing the enrollment of children in public schools. Prompt payment of salary as at when due, payment of gratuities, arrears to primary schools and local government pensioners. 
Equally, he signed 30% minimum wage agreed by federal government and also increased school subventions to 100%. All these populist programs has endeared him to the majority of Oyo state citizens. 
But the recent local government issue is becoming too alarming such that APC is capitalizing on it. As it stands, some sections of the citizens are already perceiving him as a dictatorial who lack respect for the rule of law. 
Above all, PDP appears to be strongly united behind him while some gladiators in the party may be suffering in silence. Hmm! 
Deputy Governor 
Engineer Rauf Olaniyan could be described as a political technocrat who rose to the highest position in the civil service and his landmark achievement as permanent secretary in charge of oystroima is still a reference point up till date. 
His sojourn in accord under former governor Rashidi Ladoja and parting ways with him which birthed rescue accord— a splinter group of accord party from where he decamped to APC and later ADC before joining PDP shows that he’s a No nonsense person. But his harmonious working relationship with Governor Seyi Makinde might be as a result of the experience gathered from those association. 
  1. Babs Oduyoye
Babs Oduyoye first contested in 1999 under the recently de-registered Alliance for Democracy AD for federal House of Representative and won. He won the second term bid as a result of sterling performance in the first tenure. 
Oduyoye is a good listener and a man with facts and figure. He’s not a typical Nigerian politician who plays to the gallery to impress people. He does his political networking underground and never at once care to be praised. He always like his good deeds to speak for him. Politicians likes him are very rare in this life. 
A tactician, a strategist, and being a former students union president of University of Ibadan; activism, resilience and steadfastness, ruggedity runs in his veins. With him, Engineer Seyi Makinde has a strong ally and reliable goal getter. He’s currently the political adviser to the Governor. 
  1. Seye Famudimu
This gentle man holds no position either in the party or in the government but as a along standing partner of Engineer Seyi Makinde, many assumed he’s a blood brother to the governor. Whereas what bind them together is trust. This may have been the reason why the governor defer to him on so many issues behind the scene. 
He handle private bussniess of the Governor ever before becoming the governor of the state and found to be trustworthy and reliable companion. Probably these are the reasons why some political elements, contractors and other lobbies crave for his indulgence to facilitate their connection with the Governor. 
Otunba Seye as his fondly called is a cool headed person, easy going but tough and hard in nature. His only ambition is to see to the success of Engineer Seyi Makinde as the Governor. 
Many who dislikes or complain about him are of the opinion that he usually block their access to the governor. This may be the reason why some are not comfortable with him around the Governor. 
  1. Chief Bisi Ilaka 
Chief Bisi Ilaka who’s currently the chief of staff to the governor is a refined seasoned politician who has contested and came second in his three political senatorial outing. Though he lost but with his head in high position His lost or defeat has always been controversial because it has always been with close mergin. That confirms the general notion that he’s loved by his people. 
Ilaka is always neutral when it comes to interest and hardly had issue with different political interests. Many see him as rallying point and one of the most loyal to the establishment. 
His loyalty to the governor is 100% but that doesn’t stop him from saying the truth at all times because he doesn’t know how to pretend. That’s very rare of typical Nigerian politician. 
The only albatross is the announcement which he made on the dissolution of local government which is now a subject of litigation. 
  1. Barrister Farinto 
The Oke Ogun born legal luminary com politician is a strong political ally of Governor Makinde and currently the Commissioner for Budget and planning. Farinto was a member of House of assembly and one of the few people that has the listening ears of Governor Seyi Makinde. 
He’s one of the few people who can tell Governor Makinde the gospel truth without minding the consequence. He’s in Makinde innner caucus and highly approachable to politicians. 
  1. Alhaji Wasiu Adeleke 
A long standing political follower of Governor Seyi Makinde. He served as the state secretary of SDP in Oyo state and the crises that engulfed PDP when other political parties came together was as a result of Seyi Makinde insistence to filed him as the party secretary which later led to the exit of former Governor Ladoja, senator Lanlehin and barrister sahrafa Ali and many others. 
He was later confirmed as the authentic state secretary of PDP by the national executive of the party. His greatest attribute is his native intelligence and uprightness in the discharge of his duties. Many believed he’s blunt, straightforward and this may be the reason why Governor Seyi Makinde reposed so much confidence in him. 
He’s no doubt the most powerful PDP executive in Oyo state due to his close relationship with the Governor. 
  1. Speaker Debo Ogundoyin

R.Honorable Debo Ogundoyin is the youngest speaker in Oyo state history and he’s from a silver spoon family background being a son to the late business mogul and philanthropist, Chief Ogundoyin. Even though his father died about 29years ago, when he was barely 4years old, the home training he received from his mother, Mrs Tina Ogundoyin equipped him well enough for leadership challenge. 
Despite his short legislative experience, his performance as speaker is exceptionally fantastic. However, his only shortcomings is the general perception that he’s Governor’s lackey. Or the legislative under him is more or less a rubber stamp House of Assembly. 
This attribute may make it difficult for anybody to checkmate the Governor through the House of Assembly. And that allows the governor to face governance squarely. 
  1. Engineer Akeem Olatunji 
Engineer Akeem Olatunji is a man of many path; a civil Engineer turns public relations expert and online guru. He’s the most experienced and longest serving political party publicity secretary in the history of Oyo state. 
He has served as publicity secretary of four different political parties within the last 3years. He’s always stand out in any political party he found himself due to his unalloyed loyalty and commitment to whatever cause he believe in. 
He takes lot of risk on behalf of political party he represent at his own detriment. He’s neither compensated with appointment nor rewarded financially. Many who meet him hardly believe it’s same famous and one of the best known politician in Oyo state who has been defending Governor Makinde and also the spokesman of the ruling party has not benefited from the government. 
Majority of APC would have loved to have some one like Akeem Olatunji in their camp because they see him as a thorn in their flesh. One wonders why average PDP members talks glowingly about him. 
In reality, APC intention is to de-market PDP through the use of media but Engineer Akeem Olatunji is always up to the task to neutralize the effect despite operating on stringent condition. 
Hosea Agboola — Captain/ midfielder

Senator Hosea Agboola is no doubt a man that holds the ace in the present administration and has the listening ears of the governors. Some refer to him as “Mr fix it” of Oyo state. He rarely talk and publicity shy. 
His closeness to the Governor has resulted into disaffection among him and other political gladiators. Some out of envy dislike his style and never see anything good in him. While some believe rightly or wrongly that he’s the one creating friction between the government and party leadership. 
Above all, he’s tipped as the most favored leader in the party whose nominees are or were graciously considered for appointments to the dissatisfaction of many other leaders. 
Agboola is no doubt a very calculative and great midfielder in Makinde led administration. 
  1. Taiwo Adisa 
Taiwo Adisa is a journalist cum politician. The Chief press secretary to governor Makinde and a professional in his field. Though not really popular in his town— Ogbomosho South but one of the most populous in Oyo state as spokesman of the Governor. 
Adisa is accessible on social media unlike other politicians who fail to react to messages or always in haste to block people on their timeline. 
This complete gentleman wear smiles on his face always and very quick at defending his boss on social media. 
  1. Alhaji Kum mustapha 
Alhaji Mustapha is no doubt an undisputed chairman of the party. When Ladoja was in the party, there was no objection to his nomination.
Kum Mustopha didn’t leave the party when Ladoja and others were frustrated out of the party by Governor Makinde, Mulikat Adeola among others over nomination of party secretary. 
He remain in PDP despite being loyal to Senator Rashidi Ladoja who nominated him as chairman of the party.  
Today, it’s said the chairman is not really enjoying good relationship with the Governor or seems to have lost out in this government. I was told that since the inauguration of Makinde, he only had opportunity once or twice to see the governor. 
APC Team—
Coach / Game Master 
Ex Governor Abiola Ajimobi 
Mr Constituted authority as fondly called by LAUTECH students is a man of history in oyo state. He broke the jinx and elected as governor for the second term despite many forces against his ambition. 
Ajimobi within his 8years in power strengthened security in the state and his achievements in other areas can not be overemphasized. 
Though civil servants complained a lot about him including LAUTECH staff and students who  for the first time in the history of Oyo state stationed heavy protest at Agodi secretariat to demand for resumption. 
Ajimobi took over the structure of APC in the state, frustrating Lamists out of the party. Among those affected included Senator Sumonu Monsura, Lam Adesina son, etc. 
Mr Ko Se Le Ri is still relevant till now. He recently became the deputy national chairman of his party and still hold the ace in Oyo state. Ajimobi is the main opposition of the ruling party in Oyo state who seems to be giving Governor Makinde a sleepless night. 
Alao Akala Ex Governor 
Ex governor of oyo state, Chief Adebayo Alao Akala who some described as a maradona played many roles in the 2019 general election. 
Akala jettisoned his ambition and supported the governorship candidate of All Progressive Congress, Mr Adebayo Penkelemes in the election. 
Since then, he has been a rallying point in the party and a leader many people look up to most especially those who are not in good relationship with Ajimobi. 
When he was governor, there was flow of money in government and people of the state enjoyed direct benefit. His administration was tipped as the best both market women and civil servants built houses and achieved other great things in life. 
With Akala in APC, the party is more formidable as opposition. 
  1. Bayo Adelabu Guber candidate 

Adelabu was a deputy governor of central bank of Nigeria before he resigned to launch his ambition to contest for oyo state Governorship election in the 2019 general election. 
The Ibadan born politician made tremendous impact during electioneering campaign and also spent billionaires. He may likely be re-contesting.  
APC publicity secretary

Oyo state APC publicity secretary, Dr Abdulazeez Olatunde has always been up to the task, playing active role of opposition. He has not been giving Makinde breathing space and always at every point firing and dishing out mind boggling revelation about the government of Makinde. He’s one of those making APC popular and giving the party a life wire in the state. 
Skimeh Rep 
No doubt, this serving Honorable is a son of one of the first class monarchs in Nigeria. The first son of Alaafin of Oyo and a close ally of senator Abiola Ajimobi. 
  1. Fatai Buhari senator 

Fatai buhari, a second term senator representing Oyo North senatorial district. He hale from Ogbomosho and seems to be the first senator in the history of Ogbomoso to be elected twice in that position. He’s such a lucky man and has continued to be relevant in politics.
Fatai Buhari won his second term election with a wide margin despite been rejected at home. The people of Oke- Ogun supported senator Fatai Buhari and openly rejected their sons who contested for same post in the 2019 general election. 
In fact, Aspirants from Ogbomosho came first and second in the poll while their own sons were at the bottom line. This victory, perhaps, has made some supporters— including the Senator to be working under ground to contest as governor in 2023 election. 
Fatai buhari is described as a complete gentle man but seems tough and always avoid those who are not in his camp. The gist is that, he’s always in frontline to break wings of opposition leaders. 
  1. Minority leader 

In the state House of assembly, the minority leader is playing active role and equally up to the task checkmating and blocking any activities suspected to be PDP agenda. 
Akin Oke APC Chairman 

Unlike the PDP party chairman, Dr Akin Oke enjoyed good relationship with the Ex- Governor, Abiola Ajimobi while in government. The welfarism of party excos were taken serious and there’s still mutual relationship between the party executives and the Ex- Governor. 
  1. Bunvic Rep 

Hon. Bunvic is one of the long serving House of Representative members in the green chamber.  Bunvic is serving his third term in House and also working round the clock to extend his tentacle beyond the wall of Surulere and Ogooluwa federal constituency. 
It’s said that the serving honorable already has the key that unlock the federal constituency he represent. He want to capture more local governments for APC ahead of 2023 election.
Alesinloye striker ALGON chairman 

The ALGON chairman, Abass Alesinloye is one of the top strikers of APC in the state. This man has continued to give Makinde government a tough fight and also at every opportunity distracting the Governor. 
He seems to know the weaknesses of the Governor and his government and has continued to hit hard. His action, so far, has rebirth APC, making it a new brand. 
Today, the party is getting more sympathizers than before, especially with the recent issue of local government court case, among others. 
Teslim Folarin Captain / midfielder senator
In a team, there’s always a midfielder who distribute passes and create chances for goals. This, senator Folarin Teslim, represents. The man seems to be the brain behind all what’s happening and the author of the script. 
In Ibadan, he’s described as a master minder looking for all means to expose Makinde’s government. Senator Teslim seems to be the only man giving some members of PDP sleepless night. 
It’s said that the senator by all means want to be governor in 2023. 
Sunday Dare Minister of youths and sports 
Since his appointment, the Ogbomosho born journalist cum politician has been defending his party in the state. He’s always up for the task and to issue statement on Twitter whenever there’s an uproar in the state. 
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