Saudi Arabia grants Visa-free umrah access to three countries 

Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah announced that people from some countries like Europe, the UK, and the US can now do Umrah without needing a visa. This makes it easier for pilgrims and fits with Saudi Arabia‘s goals for 2030. They want to make the pilgrimage easier and simpler for everyone.

This change means more people might go to Umrah because they don’t need to worry about getting a visa first. Saudi Arabia is also letting close family members of visa holders come without a visa too, making it even easier for families to go together.

They’re using technology, like the Nusk app, to help people plan their pilgrimage better. And if someone wants to go to Umrah but didn’t plan it, they can now sort everything out when they arrive.

Even people who are just stopping over in Saudi Arabia on their way somewhere else can now do Umrah if they’re traveling with Saudi Airlines. This shows Saudi Arabia wants to help Muslims everywhere have an easier time on their spiritual journeys.

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