Nollywood Costumier Prince Onyewere Rapes 10-Year-Old Girl On Movie Set In Asaba

Nollywood costume designer and actor, Prince Onyewere, has been arrested for defiling a 10-year-old girl on a movie set in Asaba, the Delta state capital.

It was gathered that the incident occurred on Sunday, January 28, at the hotel where Prince and his fellow crew members had lodged for a movie shoot.

Prince took the minor into one of the hotel rooms to change her outfit for the next scene. However, they took longer than expected, prompting the movie producer to send someone to check on them.

When the person arrived, the room door was locked and the girl could be heard crying.

The door was forcefully opened, and the little girl was found crying profusely with bloodstains all over the floor, creating a suspicion that the costume designer allegedly raped the girl after asking her to strip for a costume change.

Prince was, however, interrogated and stripped naked by furious eyewitnesses. The hotel room was also covered in the victim’s blood.

It was gathered that Prince was thereafter handed over to men of the Delta State Police Command for prosecution.

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