‘You remain the pride of Ogbomoso’, BELCOED, Ogbomoso Indigenes felicitate John Oke-LEGACY on birthday

On the joyous occasion of his birthday, Hon. John Oke-LEGACY Ph.D, the member, Oyo State Local Government Service Commision has received warm felicitations and accolades from the Best Legacy College of Education and Ogbomoso indigenes.

The college, known for its commitment to education and community development, took the opportunity to recognize and honor its chairman, John Oke-LEGACY for his exceptional contributions to the city and his educational landscape.

In a statement obtained by MOUTHPIECE NGR on Tuesday, the college said: “Hon. John Oke-LEGACY, a distinguished man, has consistently displayed an unwavering dedication to education and youth empowerment.

“His steadfast commitment to nurturing the academic potential of Ogbomoso’s young minds has earned him the admiration and respect of his fellow indigenes and across Oyo State.

“The Best Legacy College of Education, an esteemed educational institution in Ogbomoso, stands as a testament to John Oke-LEGACY’s enduring legacy. The college, which has flourished under his guidance and support, has become a beacon of educational excellence in the region.

“Recognizing his invaluable contributions to the college’s growth and success, the management, faculty, and students of the institution organized a special birthday celebration in his honor.” It reads in part.

Similarly, indigenes across the board also praised John Oke-LEGACY’s extraordinary commitment to education and his significant role in transforming the lives of countless students.

They highlighted John Oke-LEGACY’s philanthropic efforts, including the establishment of scholarships and support for educational infrastructure, which have provided opportunities for students to pursue their academic dreams.

In addition to his focus on education and cultural preservation, John Oke-LEGACY’s contributions to infrastructure development were commendable. His investments in schools, scholarship for indigent students, healthcare facilities, and road networks have greatly improved the quality of life for the people of Ogbomoso.

His dedication to the physical development of the city has positioned it for sustainable growth and progress as the BEST LEGACY College of Education remains one of the private institutions in Ogbomoso with workers who are indigenes.

The felicitation from the Best Legacy College of Education and the wider Ogbomoso community serves as a testament to the profound impact John Oke-LEGACY has made on the lives of individuals in his hometown.

LEGACY continues to inspire and empower future generations, and his enduring legacy as the pride of Ogbomoso will be cherished for years to come.

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