Ogbomoso North LG Ward Chairmen Seek Gov. Makinde’s Intervention to Address Imposition of Candidates, Promote Party Unity

Ogbomoso North Local Government has witnessed protests following concerns over the imposition of candidates and the exclusion of leaders in the candidate selection process.

As a result, ward chairmen within the LG have sought the intervention of the party’s state leadership and Governor Seyi Makinde to address the issues and prevent any disruption to the unity of the party.

The ward chairmen which include Kilani Musibau (Abogunde), Folorunso J.O, Hon. Dauda Kamorudeen (Alasa), Chief Adegbite John (Isale Ora), Chief Olusegun, Adeniran Moses Akanji (Okelerin), Ajao Adewuyi (Jagun), and Mr. Ogunloye, at the party general meeting in ADC, Orita Naira, expressed their concerns regarding the lack of inclusivity in the candidate selection process by Dr. Saka Balogun, who has been solely responsible for selecting candidates in all ten wards, as well as the positions of Chairman and Vice Chairman of Ogbomoso North.

During the protest, party members were seen carrying placards with various inscriptions, demanding justice and urging against the imposition of a chairman candidate who has not contributed to the development of the region.

The ward chairmen are appealing to Governor Seyi Makinde to intervene in the matter, emphasizing the critical importance of Ogbomoso North and the need to address the issues in order to foster unity within the party.

They highlighted concerns about the lack of transparency in the selection process, the lopsidedness of positions, and the importance of ensuring that all leaders and stakeholders are actively involved.

In their plea to the Governor, they stressed the significance of resolving these issues to maintain the unity of the party and to prepare for the upcoming 2027 general elections with a strong and undivided front.

The ward chairmen are hopeful that Governor Makinde will consider their concerns and take appropriate actions to address the challenges within the party, ensuring fairness, inclusivity, and transparency in the selection process. Their primary goal is to maintain party unity and work collectively towards a successful future in the upcoming elections.

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