Abuja ’23: Azeegazy Foundation CEO, Sheikh Yahaya Adebayo, to be honoured for Humanitarian Services at ZETSI Africa’s Book Launch

ZETSI Africa is delighted to announce the participation of Sheikh Yahaya Adebayo, the CEO of Azeegazy Foundation, at their upcoming Book Launch event.

This esteemed event, scheduled to take place in Abuja in 2023, aims to be thought-provoking through lecture series and book launch titled “Social Vices in the 21st Century: Causes, Effects, and Way Out.

“Additionally, Sheikh Yahaya Adebayo will be recognized and awarded for his exceptional humanitarian services.

The Azeegazy Foundation, a reputable NGO committed to engaging in humanitarian services, has been instrumental in uplifting communities and addressing pressing societal challenges.

As the CEO of the foundation, Sheikh Yahaya Adebayo has shown exceptional leadership and dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of those in need.

ZETSI Africa’s Book Launch event holds great significance as it not only provides a platform to unveil the enlightening book “Social Vices in the 21st Century: Causes, Effects, and Way Out,” but also serves as an opportunity to honor individuals who have made remarkable contributions to humanitarian causes.

Sheikh Yahaya Adebayo will be recognized for his outstanding efforts and selfless service, which have positively impacted numerous lives.

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