Abuja ’23: Akinsgems CEO, Akinyemi pledges attendance as Special Guest at ZETSI Africa’s Leadership Training Event

ZETSI Africa, a renowned Pan-African organization committed to fostering leadership and societal development, has received an affirmative response from Mr. Kayode Akinyemi, who has pledged his attendance as a Special Guest at their upcoming Leadership Training Event.

The event, slated to take place in Abuja on 27th July, 2023, promises to be a gathering of influential figures and aspiring leaders dedicated to driving positive change.

Mr. Kayode Akinyemi, a distinguished personality known for his expertise in leadership has accepted the invitation to grace the occasion as a Special Guest. With a wealth of experience and accomplishments in his field, his presence at the event will undoubtedly inspire and empower participants to strive for excellence in their own leadership journeys.

ZETSI Africa’s Leadership Training Event, a flagship program aimed at equipping individuals with essential leadership skills, will provide a platform for engagement, learning, and networking.

Mr. Kayode Akinyemi’s involvement as a Special Guest is a testament to ZETSI Africa’s commitment to bringing together renowned personalities and his presence is expected to add immense value to the event, ffering unique perspectives on effective leadership practices.

The Leadership Training Event will create an environment conducive to knowledge sharing, mentorship, and personal growth.

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