PHOTOS: Ibadan residents in shock after discovering female hairdresser is a man 

There was mild drama in Mokola area of Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State over the weekend when a popular female dresser was discovered to be a man.

The hairdresser, originally know as Ire by ‘her’ customers was exposed to be a man whose real name is Fahad.

According to a trending video sighted by MOUTHPIECE NGR, Fahad had been working at a hair salon in the locality for five months. 

However, luck was said to have run out on him (Fahad) when his old friend visited the salon and identified ‘her’ as a man.

The revelation came as a shock to staff and customers of the salon and Fahad was asked to undress to confirm what his friend had said.

Everyone was shocked over what they saw – a man in female clothing including, brassiere and waist-beads.

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