Ogun native doctor kills popular pastor who came for occult powers to grow his church, uses his parts for ritual 

A native doctor simply identified as Ogunkoya has been arrested by the Ogun state police command over alleged murder of a cleric Kalejaiye Ezekiel for ritual.

According to information, Pastor Ezekiel had allegedly visited the native doctor for some spiritual works concerning his Church and the witchdoctor, 48 , who claimed that he needed a man for rituals decided to use Ezekiel for the ritual.

Ogunkoya told the police that,” the pastor came to me for power so that his church would grow, I used the opportunity to use him for my personal job . I mixed some sleeping solution for the pastor to drink and he slept off moments afterward . As he dozed off , I picked a knife and slaughtered him. I am a native doctor and I have helped so many people including pastors who want their congregation to grow in the area.

“This particular incident happened because I personally needed human parts for a particular concoction that I wanted to prepare for one of my clients in Isoyin. When the Pastor came ,saying that he wanted power so that his congregation could grow, I used the opportunity to kill him and used the needed parts for the concoction. I gave him some solution to drink and he fell deeply asleep and that afforded me the time to slaughter him and cut out the parts I needed for my concoction. I know I have done wrong, but I want forgiveness because if you go around and ask about me, people will tell you that I am a good person; this one just happened the way it did.”

Ogun State Police public relations officer, DSP Abimbola Oyeyemi, said the native doctor who was arrested by men on routine stop and search duty along Isoyin road would be seriously profiled to know how many people he may have killed in the same manner. Oyeyemi said that at the end of investigation the suspect would be charged to court for murder.

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