SeyiBayoDe media team celebrates Bayo Lawal’s ally, Professor Abdulone 

The entire members of Seyi Bayode Media Team have joined members of Peoples Democratic Party and well wishers in Irepo Local Government and in Disapora to celebrate our dear father, mentor, an excellent academician and a professor of reputable standard, Professor Salihu Abdul-Waheed Adelabu, on the occasion of his birthday anniversary. 

In a congratulatory message made available to MOUTHPIECE NGR on Thursday, the media team described professor Abdulone as a close ally of the acting governor of Oyo state, Barrister Adebayo Abdul-raheem Lawal, who is without a doubt a model of excellence, an icon of greatness, and an outstanding pathfinder to goodness.

The statement read in part: “Your courteous and softness in approach with pure mind of engagement and unique sense of articulations are virtues that stand you out among others, you are fearless, highly reserved, revered and respected gold gotten leader whose sense of righteousness is largely imbued with personal values and deep commitment to social justice, you are not only especial in affluence, you are aptly rich in spirit, blessed in virtues, unique in giving with unalterable sense of accomodations.”

“You have without measure invest and encourage righteousness, truthfulness, support greatness, bring the best out in others through your exceptional guidance, you have  set a productive vision for the posterities and have positioned yourself so well on the pedestal of excellence for people to emulate.”

“Your dedication to the rightful courses, diligence in pursuing merited matters, diplomacy in righting every wrongs has equates your names synonymous to justice, fairness and compassion.”

“Your outstanding academic track records remain the leading and pleasing pace others are striving so hard to attain.”

“Thank you Sir for making yourself an excellent inspirations and motivations to many of us, you have set for us through your well guarded arts and acts; an appealing standards of living and forever you shall be regarded the perfect guiding light to an accomplished and more fulfilled living.”

“Today is yet another day to celebrate your uniqueness and appreciate God for His blessings in your life and I pray you continue to be increased in wealth, wisdom, sound health and abundant happiness.”

“Happy birthday to you Sir, we wish you many happy returns of the day. Long life and prosperity.”

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