Weapons you’ve given us can’t stop Russian invasion – Ukraine tells US, UK, NATO

The government of Ukraine has cried out to its international partners including the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and other NATO nations amid the war with Russia.

Ukraine has told NATO that the weapons supplied Ukraine so far are not sufficient enough to conquer Russia in the ongoing war.

The image maker of the Ukrainian military’s international organ has told the country’s international allies the need to multiply their military support for the country.

“There’s a certain sense of complacency that seems to have fallen over our western partners that the arms deliveries that Ukraine has been already provided with are somehow enough to win the war,” Damien Magrou said.

“They are not! They do not come near anything that would be close to enabling us to defeat the Russians on the battlefield.”

The spokesperson said his country lacks needed sophisticated weapons to defeat Russia’s invasion.

He has charged international allies to extend military support on time, as the longer the delay in supply, the more casualties that would be recorded.

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