Peaceful coexistence in Oyo state is non negotiable— ZLP tells Makinde

The youth wing of Zenith Labor party in Oyo state on Tuesday called on Engineer Seyi Makinde to foster peaceful coexistence in the state.

statement made available to Mouthpiece NGR by its spokesman, Prince John Aremu said Oyo state is now witnessing hooliganism following the announcement of Mr Lamidi Mukaila Auxiliary as head of park managers disciplinary committee. 
The statement reads: “The youth wing of Zenith Labour Party is using this medium to reach out to His excellency Governor Seyi Makinde that peaceful coexistence is sacrosanct, he must make sure every soul/life is important,because after the announcement of Mr Lamidi Mukaila A.K.A. Auxiliary has brought back hooligans in the state.”
“We are not against any of your appointees, likewise he may not be the one perpetrating such act but due to his antecedent they can make use of that avenue to perpetrated such act,so we urge you to maintain total peace in the state and most especially Ibadan the capital city of Oyo state.”
“We supported your candidacy in the last election to ensure peaceful coexistence in the state ,so don’t let us be disappointed for doing so.”
“Likewise, I want you to remember the key to any successful leader is INTEGRITY and anyone who value integrity always fulfill promise/agreement. I urge you with a matter of urgency to fulfill the agreement between the coalition parties.”
“You are not better than anyone but you are only privileged.”

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