Mohbad’s Dad Seized His Corpse After Autopsy, Refuses To Bury Him – Mohbad’s Mum 

Abosede Aloba, the mother of late singer Ilerioluwa Aloba aka Mohbad has said that the Lagos state police command have released the remains of the singer to his father but that her estranged hubby has refused to allow them rebury him.

In a video making the rounds on social media, Ms Abosede said she visited the Lagos state Commissioner of Police last week and was told that the body has since been released to his father.

‘’Nigerians, please help me over the corpse of my son, Mohbad. They have released Mohbad for a long time. Since they finished the autopsy, they released his body but his father has refused us to rebury him. He just kept the boy’s body there. I have begged him endlessly but since he has refused to listen to my plea, I decided to go to the Commissioner of Police last week and they told me they have released Mohbad’s body since. They even asked me why we are using his corpse to play and that are we happy that he is dead’’

She said she has been hearing all that Mohbad’s dad has been saying but has decided to leave everything to God.

‘’Please help me so they can bury my child. Please help me. God will judgment me and his father. Please help me so we can bury my child because I do not know why he is holding on to Mohbad’s corpse. I have begged him let us bury this child but he just keeps insulting me.

I have a lot to say but I am not going to say anything, for my child to die and then I will be granting interviews and making money off my deceased child, a child that takes care of us, that has love for us, that fears us. Please stand up and help me. Do not allow my child to just be there like that. This is not the corpse of a goat or a dog. Please help me all Nigerians, Mohbad’s friends. Please help me. Fight for me. President Tinubu please help me. Have mercy on me’’

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