Ramadan: NASFAT lecturer extols Bayo Lawal’s virtues, says he’s emulating Prophet Muhammad 

The NASFAT guest lecturer, Sheikh Abdul Afeez Abdulkarim Sarumi, Grand Mufti of Oyo land, on Sunday, described the deputy governor of Oyo state, Barrister Abdul-Raheem Adebayo Lawal as a man of virtue and ethics who emulate prophet Muhammad. 

Sarumi, who specially prayed fervently for Governor Seyi Makinde, further described his deputy, Bayo Lawal as a true Omoluabi who humbled himself before young’s and old, commending him for creating time out of his busy schedule to attend the NASFAT program Ramadan lecture. 

He added that the former Commissioner for Justice and Attorney General is someone who isn’t afraid to show his true self to people, saying that his great determination to become better is one of the many things that pushed him to the position. 

Speaking on the topic, “Muhammad; An Ever Green Leader With Resounding Strategies”, at the Association’s 20th Ramadan lecture held at NASFAT Oyo Zone 1 Headquarters, Samonda, Ibadan, said that Muhammad was created as an ambassador, and one to bring fortune to people as well as the one propagating Islam and calling people to abstain from sin. 

He noted that his creature is to make people happy, advising that anyone who is in a position of leadership and has done so well should be informed that better good things awaits them. 

He said part of the preaching of Rasulullah is to educate leaders in position on good conduct and governance and not to make things harsh for those they are governing and that their leadership shouldn’t be propagated like those Al-Quran described as Munafiqun. 

The guest lecturer who also said that the government of Prophet Muhammad when he was in state House never discriminate between Muslims and Jews, commended the government of Makinde’s led administration for promoting religious harmony and being a government of the people. 

He stressed that despite the fact that Muhammed was the president, he humbled himself before everyone stating that such gesture is also being displayed by the deputy Governor, Bayo Lawal, who humble himself all times even before young people. 

The lecturer explained that Islam also encourage Muslims to participate in politics stressing that the government must be a people’s government that will listen to the yearnings of the masses. 

He then prayed for all the Muslims in the current government especially the deputy governor who is the high ranking image of Muslim as he offered a special prayer for Governor Makinde and his deputy. 

While speaking, the deputy governor, Bayo lawal, exhorted Muslims to seize the occasion of the Ramadan period to seek for forgiveness and also for good deeds as we are all going to account for our actions. 

Lawal, who said he came to appreciate the support of NASFAT as both the sitting deputy governor and newly elected deputy governor, for its prayer and support in the March 18th governorship election for him and his principal, Governor Seyi Makinde for the overwhelming electoral victory. 

He asserted that NASFAT is dominated by highly enlightened minds, stating that the association acted in accordance with the preaching of the guest lecturer who spoke about the good character of prophet Muhammed and a good leader. 

He described prophet Muhammad as a trustworthy and patient man, adding that his character is what everyone need to emulate. 

Lawal, who also buttressed on Prophet Muhammed leadership, maintained that it’s his ideology Makinde’s administration is also following to make Oyo state governable for all. 

“Just like the SA Islamic said he was here last year, I had to ask him instantly if the request of the NASFAT has been granted, but he discussed some challenges, but I can assure you that adequate support is given to NASFAT here in Oyo state. 

“Please, address other things you need across to my office, and we will take it up. 

“Specifically, I’ve pledged a donation of 20 dozen chairs, so, let your people come with the pick up by Wednesday. 

“I pray that we will live to witness many more Ramadan months in good health. And I pray that NASFAT will continue to grow.”

Among dignitaries at the event Chairman Civil Service Commission, Alhaji Qamorudeen Areribigbe; Executive Chairman Ibadan North Local government, Hon. Shuaib Oladayo Yusuf; Sheikh Abdul-Jeleel and Alhaji Kunle Sanni. 

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