Hearty cheers to LAUTECH global president— Hon. Solomon Onilede

What a helluva week for a Shell Staff, WDCL Operational Manager who shoulder many responsibilities in a way to give back to his Alma Mater. In one day, in his birthday week, he flew from Delta state to Ogbomoso and several places attending to issues and how LAUTECH can be properly positioned.

He’s always busy and on meeting, when most of those who travelled with him would have given anything to be in slumberland, he was still discussing about LAUTECH in the midnight. This young man rarely sleep and am not surprised the day I heard his wife at ‘Osun Chapter’s end of year party saying that his husband travels a lot over Alumni matters.

Probably because of that reason was Solomon Onilede born on February 22, in Ogbomoso. For that reason he attended LAUTECH. And for that reason he came to the world to serve humanity, serve his country, and make a huge difference. He was sent here to show that it is possible to be squeaky clean, play according to the rules, and live for others, not for primitive accumulation.

Hon. Onilede Solomon is a man many described as Mr Capacity because of his love, passion and determination to move the Alumni association forward. A man full of wisdom and has positively transformed the association and raised the bar of governance.

His style of leadership is sterling. Little wonders how he has been able to give the association such a befitting look within few months he assumed office. The experience he has brought to bare is phenomenal and I doubt if there is anyone not pleased with the way has transformed the association.

We know people who were worth only thousands when they got into leadership positions in this country. But they came out in obscene wealth. Likewise those who amass wealth as SUG or association president.

In other words, they went not to serve the country, association, but themselves. And here is Onilede Solomon a man who wants nothing from LAUTECH, but who has come to empty himself in the service of the country. And some people say we are fanatical supporters? Yes, for the sake of our Alma Mater. For the future of our association. For the welfare of students and entire community. We are solidly behind Onilede, and we have no regret supporting him during the association election.

I’ve heard some people saying that this young man has never taken anything from the pulse of the association. I’ve heard that he has personally spent more than Ten Million Naira ( 10,000000) into the association pulse. A cheerful giver and a good Samaritan.

How soon we’ve forgotten that this man single handedly donated an executive bus to the Now-dead- student’s Union association? How soon we’ve also forgotten that he sponsored some students on scholarship with millions? Not remembering other favor rendered to many LAUTECH products including other association members.

President Onilede Solomon (LIMO) is a Christian, a good one, and I am a Muslim, trying daily to be a good one, even though am not rich. I worked under him during my NYSC at Shell yards, Ogunnu, Delta state. And the memory is still fresh how he treated me.

Onilede is a simple man. Despite his status, he associate and accommodate everyone. He holds power with simplicity and I can authoritatively say that many workers under him in the company I served really love him.

He eats simply. Usually on natives and wears the most modest things. No swashbuckling, no ostentation. And when we talk privately, I love when he indicates that “Alumni association” is meant to add values, provide jobs for members and wants to use his position to affect LAUTECH positively.

One thing that really impress me about him is “Abhorrence of corruption”. I said it before. President Onilede Solomon is not a thief, and he cannot vouch for you if you are tarred with the brush of corruption. You will simply be on your own. His position recently in one of the chapters faced with ‘money wire’ is evident about his zero tolerance for corruption.

There is the jaded talk that Alumni association under his watch collected dues twice from class 18 graduates. Well, those who say that are merely operating from a mindset. No matter who you are, however close you can be to him, when it comes to corruption, this President speaks up for no one. That is why he’s blocking loopholes and making conquests.

On this auspicious day, I celebrate our global President. We thank God for bringing him into our way. May his strength be renewed daily. His name will forever be written in the LAUTECH Guinness book of record because of the enormous things he has done for the school and association.

Though, cynics and scoffers would say why won’t you applaud him since you are his boy or part of his largesse. Yes, I served under him during my NYSC, Warri, but I am yet to see the largesse. Maybe tomorrow. Or day after. And whether he will even fix me up somewhere, one day for ends meant, count me among those who believe.

While I wish the president long life and prosperity in good health and wealth, I seize the opportunity to remind him that people on LAUTECH Eagle are still expecting his Giveaway…

Oyedeji ahmed
LAUTECH graduate
Publisher, Mouthpiece NGR

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