Canadian lady with gigantic boobs claps back at haters who ask her to wear bra

A mom with enormous size P breasts has clapped back at trolls who harassed her to get a ‘reduction’.

Lyla King, from Toronto, Canada, regularly goes without bra due to the weight of her back-breaking boobs. This sometimes attracts negative comments to her from those she has had to interact with, including a teacher in her kid’s school.

She has used her social media platforms to talk about her struggles, especially the judgemental comments she often receives from people who think she looks inappropriate.

The mom-of-three, 27, has now taken to TikTok once again to respond to one viewer who critiqued her chest size and urged her to undergo a reduction.

Lyla, who stands at just 5ft3, hit back: ‘I really love the way my body looks, so I think I’m gonna decline this.’

In the clip, which has so far been viewed 1.9 million times, Lyla sits in her car to address a comment that simply read: ‘Get a reduction.’

The content creator, who has more than 29,000 followers, quipped: ‘I appreciate so much that you care about my health. It really means a lot to me.

‘But I really love the way my body looks, so I think I’m gonna decline this.’

And her video was quickly flooded with comments of support from other viewers as one wrote: ‘Hi Lyla. You are perfect just the way you are.’

Another said: ‘Please don’t, you’re perfect.’

A third person commented: ‘Non sense! You are absolutely gorgeous as you are.’

‘Best decline ever,’ someone else shared.

Another person added: ‘Hello beautiful girl. No reduction [on your] breasts please. You are beautiful with a wonderful body and big heart.’

Lyla admitted in a previous TikTok that she is constantly getting a ‘lot of attention’ due to her chest size.

She candidly opened up about the negative experience that she had when a ‘snooty’ teacher ‘looked her up and down’ during her child’s pick up from school and told her that she ‘looked inappropriate.’

The mom shared: ‘You’d think other moms [who are judging], would understand how uncomfortable bras can be.

‘But perhaps they are just jealous and worried that I will nab their husbands.

‘Obviously, I’m absolutely not after their partners. If they’re that bothered, they should hide their husbands.

‘If they’re so offended by me not wearing a bra, that’s their problem not mine.’

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