NASFAT extols Bayo Lawal’s virtues, says he remain reliable partner 

The Nasrul-Lahi-Li Fathi, NASFAT, Oyo Zone One, on Tuesday, paid a thank-you visit to the deputy governor of oyo state, Barrister Abdul-Raheem Adebayo Lawal to appreciate him for attending their Ramadan lecture.

The Islamic organization, which joined him for Iftar, stated that the deputy governor’s participation made the celebration exciting and that it was important for them to show their appreciation for him despite his hectic schedule.

They said that Lawal remain a reliable partner who will continue to have a significant impact on Islamic affairs in the state as the fhighest ranking Muslim in the Makinde’s led administration. 

Speaking on their behalf, Alhaji Bayo Azeez, the group’s spokesman, expressed their gratitude to the deputy governor, for contributing positively to the advancement of Islam, and for identifying with NASFAT. 

He said they would be grateful to him for standing by them and for his support. He commended him for treating people to Iftar and hoped that Allah would continue to be with him and strengthen his relationship with his principal, Governor Makinde. 

“We feel a certain amount of attachment to you and we really appreciate you for accommodating us. 

“This is what we are looking for. We are not part of those fanning the embers of discord. We made you know this the day you came to us for suppprt ahead of the governorship election. 

“We really appreciate your gesture. You’ve shown a character of a good leader and we pray that God will continue to be with you. 

“It is indeed an opportunity to be with you today and I can assure you once again that nobody among our members are against the governor because we believe in his sterling leadership and he has performed so well. 

“Therefore, since our society is enlightened, we make an appeal to the government to include us and advance us as well. We have professors and other fantastic individuals that can assist the government in any capacity to promote good governance.”

Azeez stated further that NASFAT has a very significant number of young people in the state that are capable and competent, asking the Makinde government to make accommodations for them, just as as they did when the deputy governor approached them to ask for their support in re-electing governor Seyi Makinde. 

The association’s Chief Missioner, Imam Adekunlelkun, likewise prayed for Governor Makinde and Bayo Lawal for a fruitful term in office. 

Lawal, who appreciated them for their visit, said that NASFAT threw their weight behind them in the governorship election. 

He added that their support was so evident with the overwhelming victory of Governor Seyi Makinde because it was obvious that both Muslim and Christians voted Makinde. 

The deputy governor emphasized that Governor Makinde will continue to promote religious harmony and be fair to all different faiths, and that he will make accommodations for everyone in order to further the development of Oyo state. 

A PAG member however hailed Bayo Lawal as a complete gentleman and a leader of good character, saying that they stood up for him during the election campaign, especially when the opposition members were playing religious card. 

He thanked NASFAT for also standing with Oyo Deputy Governor stressing that there’s no any other reward for good than good. 

However, Imam Abdulrasheed, the SA on Islamic matters, reaffirmed that the deputy governor always appreciated the cooperation of NASFAT, as he had also let them know today. 

He equally commended the deputy governor for his ongoing Iftar program for people since the start of the Ramadan period and gave the NASFAT Excos assurances that they will also benefit from the government. 

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