Teslim Folarin: The Indomie Governor

In his character style, the governorship Candidate of APC in the coming Guber election in Oyo State stormed the popular Gbagi market yesterday, 14/3/2023 in the afternoon and pulled another stunt that marvel people.

Instead of telling people his manifesto if elected the governor, he went about throwing sachets of Indomie noodles at people.

It was so ridiculous that some people said that if he had thrown cartons of Indomie noodles, they would have appreciated it, but spraying sachets of Indomie noodles was an insult on their person.

They reminded themselves of federal government palliatives that the three times senator kept in his vault for the campaign and some boys raided his store. Now they believed the remaining Indomie noodles were the ones he came to Gbagi market with.

Without mincing words, using such an item to woo voters is the most insulting way to campaign for votes.

One Wonder what he had in mind, or what his plans are for the state if he couldn’t tell people what he wants to do for them, but to be distributing palliative materials from federal government and donors, goods and foods that are meant for the masses.

Well, no one should be surprised, even Teslim Folarin can’t point to projects he facilitated to Oyo state in his 12 years as a senator, in all the 11 local Governments he covers.

This must have caused his inability to campaign, but to stoop so low to embarrassing people with sachets of Indomie noodles in public places.

The good people of Oyo State should kindly ask Teslim Folarin, who is obviously, power drunken to list the number of bills he sponsored, the number of projects he brought to Oyo state, the number of boreholes he sunk and the number of street lights he supplied to his constituency.

How many students benefitted from his stipends paid, how many roads he tarred ( including those to his father’s village), and how many federal government employment he secured for people from his constituency. This must be done with evidence and posting the locations 😁

Let Teslim Folarin come out to say what he would do if he becomes the governor, not what GSM has done wrong, because he shows to the voters he is too poor to fathom a better cause for Oyo state.

Teslim’s problem is his failure to have tangible projects in his 12years as a Senator, compared to GSM whose projects are everywhere for all to see.

His claims that GSM is not funding local Government is funny, local Government staff can’t say their salaries are not paid by 25 of every month, their leave bonuses paid up to date, promotions done up to 2022, and 2023 promotions are about to be started because all is set to start the process.

Let me add this, staff are now entitled to conversion every year and 2023 conversion process has been published in all the 33 local Governments in Oyo state, so what’s the noise about.

The local government autonomy can’t be done by administrative Fiat, the state house of assembly must ratify it before any governor can effect the payment, so Teslim Folarin is only playing on people’s intelligence to get sympathy.

Just like the misinformation he created around the local government autonomy, Teslim Folarin lied to innocent people at Gbagi market that Seyi Makinde would destroy many shops built.

This is a huge fat lie from the pit of hell, from the mouth of heartless man who is power crazy.

The GSM we know didn’t say such a thing anywhere, people of Oyo State are free to ask him to show either video or Audio record of where Engr. Seyi Makinde said such a thing.

We don’t need a soothsayer to tell us GSM can’t do such a thing. He didn’t stop Oyo state people from their businesses when they are locking people in their homes during the COVID19 global propaganda, why would he now stop innocent, hardworking, law abiding citizens of Oyo State from doing their legitimate businesses at Gbagi market?

TKF is an unrepentant liar whose aim is to destroy everything in order to achieve his selfish aim of milking Oyo state Treasury dry.

Kindly ask Teslim Folarin how many states have effected the local government autonomy? None.

Even late Senator Isiaka Ajimobi, who rehabilitated Teslim Folarin when he was very broke and bankrupt by gifting him senatorial ticket he didn’t merit, didn’t effect the local government autonomy in his 8 years rule in Oyo state.

The local government autonomy can only be achieved by proper planning between the executive governor and the representatives of the local government in the state to make the process easy, effective and productive. This is what GSM is championing already without making senseless noise.

I pity Teslim Folarin because he didn’t have enough goods left in his warehouse after it was looted during COVID19 stay at home, maybe he would be distributing some okadas, grinding machines and other equipment now and people will be erroneously praising him for being philanthropic.

Posterity will judge TKF and all his evil team who are hell bent in destroying Oyo state, but we believe that at the end of the day, truth will prevail and the Good people’s of Oyo State will speak with their votes.

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