VIDEO: How female Reps disgraced Hon. Afeez Ona-ara in 2011 for disrespecting elders 

Following a video clip castigating and undermining the authority of KIshi Progressive Union (KPU) by Hon. Afeez Ona-ara, a House of Representatives candidate under the Social Democratic Party (SDP), in the forthcoming 2023 general election, concerned illustrious sons and daughters of Irepo Local Government have continued to hit back at Hon. Ona-ra for his recent outburst. 

Ona-ara, whom in the video scolded the KPU president and asked him to retract and do the needful within 7-day ultimatum otherwise they would form another KPU, has continued to receive a backlash from different angles to an extent that one of his old ugly video clips where he was molested and downgraded by a female colleague resurfaced online and has continued to trend on different groups dominated by Kishi sons and daughters to curtail his excesses. 

It should be recalled that a Socio-cultural Political Group, Imole Kishi Group had earlier advised Hon. Afeez Ona-ara to reflect and stop bitting the fingers that fed him. 

The group said Eminent indigenes of kishi community have listened to the video clips and what is standing for and his threat to the entire community, adding that they are waiting for him to make good of his threat to form another KPU within the 7-day ultimatum which he gave. 

It added that in the history of KPU, there was only once occasion of this type of scenario where some disgruntled element attempted to split away from KPU but they ended up in perdition, and as such, his attempt to float another KPU will not be different from previous attempt which ended in perdition. 

Similarly, a prominent indigene of Kisi in Irepo local government area of Oyo State, Alhaji Bioku Rahamon also expressed disappointment over his outburst saying it was appalling, shameful and embarrassing for someone like Onaara who had benefitted immensely from KPU in the time past to come out publicly to condemn, abuse and malign the President of Kishi Progressive Union. 

One of the sons of Kishi who shared the video clips with newsmen on Tuesday narrated how Hon. Afeez Ona-ara met his Waterloo for allegedly disrespecting an elderly colleague which eventually got the reaction of the female lawmaker in the video to pounce on him. 

He said that the angry female lawmaker nearly slap him after tearing his cloth to an extent that the scene created a rowdy session and got the intervention of other colleagues. 

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