Nigeria @62: Bayo Lawal amazes observers, stays standing for 3hours 

The deputy governor of Oyo state, Barrister Adebayo Abdul-Raheem Lawal, stood his ground for three hours on Saturday honoring march passers, including military personnel, in commemoration of the 62nd Independence Day Celebrations. 

MOUTHPIECE NGR reports that reactions to his good health were mixed amidst entertainment.

The deputy governor’s skills were put to the fullest test throughout the event as he saluted everyone firmly while marching and walking around the field in good health despite the hot sun and demanding exercises. 

The deputy governor was perceived as being in better health even though two children and young men almost passed out on the field before receiving immediate assistance.

An observer from Oorelope Local Government in Igboho, simply identified as Kamorudeen, expressed delight at the deputy governor’s physical condition and expressed amazement that, despite being 68 years old, he could stand his ground for approximately 3 hours while saluting. 

He continued by saying that his physical performance has not only disproven the opposition’s claim that he suffers from old age incompetence syndrome, which they had used to attack him, but has also shown that he is physically and mentally capable of supporting Governor Seyi Makinde’s efforts to improve Oyo state for the good people of Oyo state. 

Another onlooker known as Miss Ronke said that the Governor, with his humility and brilliance, made the right choice in selecting Barrister Bayo Lawal to be his running mate and deputy governor of Oyo state, stating that Oyo state is in good hands.

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