I don’t regret killing my parents, they deserve to die – Son pictured smiling after killing parents

Ahmadu Munkaila, a man who allegedly killed his parents, has confessed that he did not regret his action.

Report has it that the suspected killer had killed his parents, and a father of five children in Gagarawa local government of Jigawa State.

He confessed that his parents deserved to die and he does not regret killing them.

Munkaila has revealed in his confessional statement to the police on Friday.

The Informant247 learnt that Ahmadu killed his parents and inflicted injury on two other persons using a pestle.

He said” I am a praise singer and my parents used to mock me and challenge me whenever I am singing praise to Prophet Muhammad SAW”

“They used to blackmail me and condemn my action telling people I am mad they should not listen to me whenever I come to sing praises to prophet Muhammad”

Ahmadu confessed that his parents have received the judgment they deserve for their blasphemous comments against the prophet.“They deserved to die due to their blasphemy against the prophet, they are abusing the prophet and their punishment is death”

“I am planning to release my praise songs this year before the incident and I am sure I will be free before the time because God is always with a righteous person so I am not in any way regretting my action”

Ahmadu, however, confessed that he is accusing his 70-year-old father of having sexual affair with his wife.

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