Nigerians attack commissioner of education for calling applicant teachers idiots, hooligans

Prof Ngozi Chuma-Udeh, Commissioner for Education in Anambra State has been condemned by members of the public for calling applicant teachers “idiots” and “hooligans.”

She made this revelation while reacting to a phone call made through to her by one of the teacher applicants who was seeking clarification about the just concluded teacher’s recruitment exercise in Anambra State.

There were speculations that there was a rush in one of the examination centres where the recruitment exercise was conducted.

The commissioner while reacting to the speculations via a telephone conversation (now a voice note which has gone viral), expressed her dissatisfaction that there was a rush in one of the examination centres where the recruitment exercise was conducted.

The commissioner condemned and described the female applicant as a hooligan and idiot who would not be allowed any place in the education sector.

She said, “Madam, you’re an idiot. You mean the computers are doing what? I received a report by 12 noon that you people refused to stand in line, you refused to be identified; you mobbed.

“You people were trying to get into the hall at the same time; you refused to be disciplined, and you have the effrontery… You stupid woman to call me on the phone and talk rubbish.

“Get out of my phone you filthy thing. You really want to be a teacher? How will you tell your students to conform to instructions, when you cannot stand in line and move line in line, and you want to be a teacher when you are behaving like hooligans.

“I have nothing for you and I have nothing to say to you. We have already examined up to 1,400 candidates and …you are all hooligans. I hope you understand me. Thank you.”

The commissioner’s response has generated controversy and condemnations from the members of the public.

Jude Obiora, a community leader revealed that, “Too uncouth and unbecoming of a public servant. She owes an apology to the Anambra people. She goofed big time. A huge embarrassment to the government she serves.”

Eze Onwuji said the commissioner ought have articulated her point without using abusive language, adding “her anger went to the extreme in the public domain. Managing any public is not easy.”

Paul Aniaso, said, “Her recommendation, support or approval of the sack of those 1,000 teachers employed by former Governor Willie Obiano will haunt her for a long time. She wants to bring in her own persons; that is why she is attacking everybody as a defence mechanism.”

The Governor of Anambra State, Professor Charles Soludo, revealed the commissioner had tendered her apology for the abusive language and inappropriate choice of words used in the said voice note.

The Governor has via a statement made public by his press secretary, Christian Aburime, said commissioners, as public officers, are not supposed to react in a rash manner.

“However, it is pertinent to reiterate that Governor Chukwuma Charles Soludo remains committed to the wellbeing of Ndi Anambra and will not be distracted in availing deserving qualified teachers the opportunity to serve Anambra State and contribute to shaping the future of our children,” he said.

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