Candidates Mass Failure in 2021 Jamb Exams: Far Beyond Blaming Jamb

  1. Lots of factors that are beyond Jamb are responsible for the mass failure of Candidates in this year Jamb Exams as revealed by the arrays of result released by the I.O. Oloyede-led Exam Board.
  2. Societal rots have been opined in one of my post tittled “The Jamb I know and how society have been trying to sabotaging the efforts of the Oloyede-led Jamb”. It was revealed in that piece, how parents are harbinger of malpractices and by extension failure as they aid and abet malpractices. It was also revealed how Jamb registration personel have been devising several means to sabotage the corruption-free policy in jamb and many more points therein.
  3. This piece has come to x-ray several factors that are responsible for the mass failure of candidates in this year Jamb. These factors are practically beyond jamb itself. How do you blame jamb for COVID-19 invasion that kept most would-be-jamb applicants at home for good one year without going to school or studying all in the name of keeping social distance? Of course most of these candidates don’t even want to read and study for exams ab initio, because of their too much reliance on exams malpractices, only for these candidates to rely on COVID-19 holiday as excuses that drift them away from pure academics. Is this not beyond Jamb to control? So why should failure of the above candidates be associated with Jamb?
  4. How do you expect candidates whose morale to write jamb exams becomes too-low due to the incessant ASUU/Federal fracas. If you are a resident of America, you will be willing to write any exams to be a student of Georgia State University, Harvard and many more. But when you see candidates of jamb exams in Nigeria, saying, that isn’t it the same University we want to write jamb to gain admission to that are on over 8months strike? This statement is morale-killing and eventually, these students that didn’t read to pass for the last one year, are now product of failure. How then is jamb responsible for the mass Failure?
  5. Jamb is not to be blamed for Mass Failure. Of course I’m neither here to exonerate jamb nor I’m I here to say jamb don’t have challenges. Truth be told, no one is infallible, thus no opinion is final.

Yebsit Bello Olamilekan Kabir Yesbit

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