Makinde’s Democracy Day Report Card: GSM Advocates Score Him High on Transformation, Fulfilled Promises, and Sustainable Governance

As Nigeria celebrated Democracy Day, the Governor of Oyo State, Seyi Makinde, received a resounding applause from the GSM Advocates, a group of stakeholders and media experts. The group praised Governor Makinde’s outstanding performance, scoring him high on transformation, fulfilled promises, and sustainable governance in the state 

In a statement released on Democracy Day, the GSM Advocates highlighted Makinde’s achievements in various sectors, including education, healthcare, infrastructure, and economic development. The group noted that Makinde’s leadership has brought about significant transformation in Oyo State, fulfilling his campaign promises and sustainable governance in the state.

Some of the achievements highlighted by the GSM Advocates include:

– The establishment of a new era of transparency and accountability in governance

– The implementation of a free education policy, providing succor to thousands of students

– The revitalization of the healthcare sector, with the renovation of hospitals and the provision of modern equipment

– The construction of roads and infrastructure projects, connecting towns and cities across the state

– The promotion of economic development, through the establishment of agribusiness zones and the support of small and medium-scale enterprises

– Expansion of the state to become standard economic hub for investors and many more.

The GSM Advocates praised Makinde’s commitment to good governance, his willingness to listen to the people, and his dedication to improving the lives of citizens. The group noted that Makinde’s leadership has restored hope and confidence in government, demonstrating that democracy can indeed work for the people.

“Makinde’s report card on Democracy Day is a testament to his unwavering commitment to the people of Oyo State. He has shown that with the right leadership, democracy can be a powerful tool for transformation and development.”

As Nigeria continues on its democratic journey, the GSM Advocates urged other leaders to emulate Makinde’s example, prioritizing the needs of the people and working tirelessly to improve their lives.

We wish the good people of Oyo State, Happy Democracy Day.

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