Oke Legacy Foundation Initiates Free Holiday Coaching for Students in Ogbomoso

In a move to enhance educational opportunities and provide valuable learning experiences, the Oke Legacy Foundation, under the leadership of Chairman Hon. John Adisa Oke Legacy, Ph.D., has announced the launch of free holiday coaching sessions for students in Ogbomoso.

The decision to conduct these tutorial classes during the holiday season demonstrates the foundation’s commitment to fostering educational development within the community.

The coaching program is open to students at all levels, including Nursery, Primary, and Secondary School, and is set to benefit youngsters across five local governments within the Ogbomoso town.

The foundation revealed that the initiative is part of the organization’s ongoing efforts to contribute positively to the education sector and support young learners.

“The coaching sessions aim to provide students with a conducive environment for learning, enabling them to strengthen their academic skills and prepare for the challenges ahead.

Hon. John Adisa Oke Legacy expressed his enthusiasm for the project, highlighting the importance of empowering students with quality education.

He emphasized the foundation’s dedication to ensuring that students have access to valuable resources that can help them excel in their studies.

“We believe that education is the foundation for a bright future, and we are committed to providing the necessary support to our young minds. By offering these free holiday coaching classes, we aim to equip students with essential skills and knowledge that will contribute to their personal growth and success,” Hon. Oke Legacy stated.

The coaching initiative aligns with the foundation’s mission to make a positive impact in various aspects of the community’s development. The comprehensive approach of targeting students at different educational levels reflects the foundation’s dedication to promoting learning from the early stages of a child’s education.

This initiative has been warmly received by the community, with parents and students alike expressing their gratitude for the opportunity to participate in the free holiday coaching program. As the coaching sessions kick off, the Oke Legacy Foundation looks forward to witnessing the positive outcomes of its efforts in shaping the educational landscape of Ogbomoso.

At the end of this program student will be supported with educational material like school bags, uniform, text books and note books and the good students could also get scholarship.

He therefore imploy students to take advantage of this valuable program to reduce educational cost on the parent during this long vacation.

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