Politics and Chieftaincy matters are separate and parallel: Stop being sentimental-Youth Advocate for Equity tells Disgruntled Mogajis

A social political group, Youth Advocate for Equity has reacted to the claims of some disgruntled Mogajis of Ibadan Land that the PDP deputy National Chairman (South) Ambassador Taofeek Arapaja, was rude to the otun olubadan of Ibadan Land to the extent that the high chief was belittled in the public space and demanded that Arapaja should tender an unreserved apology to the Olubadan in council.

In a statement signed and made available to pressmen in Ibadan, the group spokesperson, Barr. Tirimisiyu Adedibu said the disgruntled Mogajis have forgotten that though they have a nexus connection with the otun olubadan as Chieftaincy matter is concerned; Arapaja and Ladoja are connected politically. These two connections are separate and parallel.

When there is disagreement between the mogajis and a high chief, it does not concern anyone who is not in that circle. So any political brawl between two *political gladiators* is not an issue of chieftaincy but purely politics which should not concern the mogajis.

For the avoidance of doubt, Arapaja did not in anyway abuse the otun olubadan; neither does he have any personal grudges or vendetta with the high chief. It is therefore sad that these set of disgruntled Mogajis rather than to address the substance of Arapaja’s interview, threw decorum in the wind and resulted to name calling all in the name of favours they expected to gain from Ladoja their benefactor.

Did Ladoja collect a huge amount of money meant for presidential and National Assembly  election of PDP in Oyo state but failed to remit same? Did  this not adversely affect the fortune of the party at the just concluded election?

You don’t venture into partisan politics and expect your name not being dragged in the mud when you committed an abnormality.

The group urges Olubadan of Ibadan Land to call the high chief to order so that he could desist from being partisan. This will go a long way to maintain the sanctity of the council. the group concluded.

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