2023: Let’s vote en-mass for Makinde, other PDP candidates— Bayo Lawal tells Kishians 

Barrister Abdul-raheem Adebayo Lawal, the deputy governor of Oyo state, has urged prominent Irepo Local Government stakeholders to cast a large number of votes for Governor Seyi Makinde and other PDP candidates in order to reap the benefits of democracy and enable him to contribute adequately to the town’s development. 

He emphasized the significance of the first election and urged all Kishi descendants to support not only him and the governor but also the PDP candidates for the House of Representatives, Hon. Hussain Ijabah and Hon. Akinwole Akinwale popularly known as Wolekanle. 

Lawal, who made the appeal on Saturday at the 2022 Kishi Consultative Forum, in honor of Agbaakin of Kishiland, Chief Bayo Adesope JP, and themed “Kishi and a future Prospects,” held at the New Star Event Centre, opposite Sawmill on the Ibadan Road in Oyo, added that re-electing Governor Makinde would enable him to provide numerous services and contributions to the town’s development. 

He revealed that Igbope has been taken into account while making the 2022/2023 budget, and he will see to it that the road is fixed in addition to looking for additional ways to support and advance all Kishians in their endeavors. 

According to Lawal, “Last week, my appointment as deputy governor reached the 4-month mark. Within the time frame, I may not have been able to accomplish many things, but I can tell you that I won’t let you down in my role as deputy governor. 

“The governor referred to me as a co-pilot, which simply means that we are both on the same page, since he loved me. “While I was acting as governor, I had to watch my steps, and you know that, deputy governor is always an assistant,” he continued. 

“Like I stated, I’m taking use of this birthday celebration to urge everyone to en-mass to re-elect Governor Makinde so that I can continue to provide numerous services.

“In our town, we have this opportunity of deputy governor. And we must not miss it. It has never happened before for a Kishian to serve as acting governor, I don’t want us to miss this opportunity and I believe we must find a way to make sure Makinde is re-elected. 

“Supporting Governor Makinde is about the growth of the community, not partisan politics, and as such, such a chance shouldn’t be taken for granted,” he said. 

While praising the club on its fifth anniversary, Lawal pointed out that the club’s members are famous experts with a variety of profession who have joined forces to significantly advance the town. 

He stated that they are all exposed and they are not parochial but practical on issues that affect kishi town as well as the country by extension, adding that he has all been monitoring their activities across all WhatsApp platforms. 

The development of Kishi Town, he continued, is dependent on everyone and is not a one-man show, but rather a team effort, with many of their efforts being tangible, genuine, and well-motivated.

The Oyo North senatorial candidate, Hon. Akinwale Akinwole, who was also present at the event, further urged the entire Kishian population to support him and the other candidates running under the People’s Democratic Party platform, claiming that doing so would give ordinary Nigerians hope. 

Wolekanle criticized the extent to which the APC-led government has oppressed Nigerians and said that voting for the PDP would free everyone. 

Then, he asked the Kishian people and others to go get their voter cards, announcing that INEC had started the distribution in order to effect positive change. 

Yusuf Ijabah, a candidate for the Peoples Democratic Party in the House of Representatives, expressed his happiness to be present and to have the opportunity to address everyone, saying that with their support and effective representation, nothing will go unaddressed to bring about the desired development in the society. 

When elected, he promised to start working on expanding the health care center, providing the community with the necessary tools to improve, creating more jobs, and other vital initiatives that would lead to development.

Another speaker, who is a non-party member, reaffirmed the importance of the endorsement and confirmation of Governor Makinde’s re-election, especially now that the governor has duly recognized his deputy as a co-pilot. 

He added that it is crucial that all of the PDP’s candidates also receive support in order to enable them to work together to help the deputy governor develop the town. 

The wife of Deputy Governor, Chief (Mrs) Ajibola Lawal, Oyo North PDP senatorial candidate Hon. Akinwole Akinwale, Hon. Hussein IJABAH, Oyo North PDP senatorial chairman Hon. Yusuf Yunusa Adekunle, J.S. Amodu, Governor Makinde’s re-election campaign coordinator for Irepo local government Hon. TT Olayiwola, Irepo PDP Chairman, Mr Hassan Gbade, and Alhaja Khadija Ranibow from Ogbomoso North were among the notable individuals who attended the program. 

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