Allow me donate kidney to Ekweremadu’s daughter, lady begs family

Annastasia Olamma, the young lady who offered to donate one of her kidneys to save Sonia, the ailing daughter of former Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu has begged her family to allow her to carry through with the gesture.

A few hours after Sonia made a public appeal for a kidney donor via her Instagram page, Olamma took to her Facebook page to share an open letter where she proposed to donate one of hers to save the former.

The 24-year-old indicated she was offering the donation for free as her way of proving that women can truly be supportive of one another.

However, during a Facebook live session on Wednesday, she stated her family members were against her decision, particularly her father but pleaded with them to support her on this noble path of saving a life.

“Yes, my family members are against it. I expected that initially because when my dad got to know about it, he wasn’t cool with the idea. He was like, ‘You want to go and kill yourself?’

“My family, I know this thing might hurt you people but please I am begging you. I wish to save somebody’s life.

“Pray for me so that nothing will happen to me. Pray for me so that the whole thing will go successfully,” she said.

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